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New here, Clomid soon - feeling down :(

Hello everyone, I'm Becky from Kent. I am 36 and my partner is 53. I have 2 children, 11 and 8, from a previous relationship.

My partner has no children of his own and I am desperate to give him the child he wants so much. We have been trying for nearly two years. My next appointment is on Valentine's Day, where I hope to be given the go-ahead to start Clomid.

I just feel so down - any stories of solidarity, reassurance, success? Anything would help.

Thank you

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Hello. Its good to hear from you. After trying for over a year and with pcos hubby SA normal i have been put on clomid for four months. Im on cycle day 18 and just finished round three of clomid. Ihave had cramps this norning at 7.10am it felt period is xoming on and felt like need to take paracetamol but they went away after few mints. Also a couple of days before that had very heavy lower abdomen felt like lottts of pressure on on and left and right cramps. However i have gone through this before and still no result. Therefore im bot going to think about as the result might still be the same.bfn. i felt reallly weepy when i first took the clomid o yeah forgot to tell u im on 100mg to take on cycle day 2 to 6. The clomid does work in terms of that i do ovulate with it but i ov when i was not on it but the dr didnt know if i ov every month or just some months but how do they know that they didnt do consistant scans for few months. Anyways the good thing is that it does help me to ov. Have you had any blood work done. Sorry for the long msg. Xxx.


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