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My GP has suggested writing to my gynaecologist or referring me to a fertility specalist and starting me on clomid. I've read a mix of reviews of how this can effect endometriosis. Has anyone else tried this as a fertility option?

I'm getting really fed up with being told different things by different professionals. I am not going to be offered ivf as my partner has 2 children. I was told that yesterday as it has been put on my notes but no-one has even told me that was even an option being discussed!

I would really appreciate some advice!

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Hey, I tried clomid for 7 months and have endo. It was unsuccessful for me but I have several friends who have children through clomid. I hope you get some proper answers to, can understand how frustrated you must be hearing different things x


Thank you. Did you try any other options after the Clomid? I asked about it a few months ago and the GP shot me down but now another GP said i should have been given it months ago. So many conflicting answers!


Yeah I'm currently stimulating for my 4th IVF cycle. It annoys me how different GP say different things, my original GP told me I would never have children but couldn't refer me to the fertility clinic for 2 years. Was so glad to of moved house which meant moving GP's. Are you going to give it a try?


I know, I was by so many GPs it was psychological for years! They just don't seem to listen. I've moved surgeries aswell and they seem to be wanting to do more to help.

Hope your ivf goes well!

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Hello! I am taking Clomid. For now I still have to finish the treatment. I have not been pregnant since I started taking it. That did not cause me any problems. I've been in treatment for a month. The only odd thing has been headaches from time to time and a dizziness. My doctor said it was normal and that there was no problem.

I have not been referred to IVF or any other, because we are still trying to conceive naturally. The timeline to conceive naturally is one year and we still have not met, so I was prescribed Clomid. It is assumed that if I fail to get pregnant when the treatment ends or before, we will talk about infertility treatments. Anyway, I'm getting ready for anything.

If there is no other problem, the Clomid should work. That's what I was told. There are many people who have been able to get pregnant through this. I used to worry a lot about this, I also read that it gave endometriosis, but this is a side effect and according to my doctor only happens when taken for too long without giving the body a break.

I hope it works for me. For how long did they prescribe you?



They haven't prescribed me anything yet, the GP is writing to me gynaecologist about it. I'm currently waiting for another laparoscopy so im not sure if they will want me to wait until after that.

Can the amount of time they prescribe it for vary?

I hope it works out well for You!



I've previously been on both clomid and letrozole (femara). The clomid sadly didn't work, and this was after 9 months of taking letrozole. I had gotten pregnant on the letrozole, but it sadly ended in a miscarriage.

Unfortunately, with all fertility medications, only time will tell whether your body responds well to them or not.

I think your gp has the right idea in sending you to a fertility clinic to get the ball rolling on a medication though.

I'm not sure on the endometriosis side if things as I have pcos, but I do hope they are able to give you options and you get success from it. Take care and keep us updated on your progress!


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Thank You!

Im really hoping my laparoscopy appointment comes through soon so I will hopefully have more idea what's going on.


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