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Insulin Resistance/ PCOS

Hello everyone.

Wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom on Insulin Resistance with PCOS. I am on a fairly extreme diet - 800 cals a day, no carbs no sugar. This is quite an extreme change to the way I used to eat. And its hard. I was expecting to loose 2-3 pounds a week but I'm lucky if I get 1 which doesn't seem right or fair! I am also on Metformin 1000MG per day which should be giving this a boost but doesn't seem to be. I stepped on the scales this morning to be dismayed that I'm 3lbs up and I have literally not put a foot wrong.

I have 3 stone to loose in a short space of time to ready myself for fertility treatment.I feel like I'm giving it my all but the body is not responding. Does anyone else have the same situation. Any help/ resources anyone knows of would be appreciated.

Thanks all

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