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PCOS, follicles not growing 😩 help!!

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Today was my second stims scan,

My lining is 6.8 which has got thicker however on Wednesday they increased my dosage of Menopur and still today there was no growth in my follicles.

I have 30+follicles on each ovary but are all very small, they have increased my Menopur again but I’m starting to loose hope that they will grow.

I have been using a hot water bottle every night, drinking milk and eating more protein, I’m stuck with what else can help 😩

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I’m sorry there’s no advice I can give but just try not to get stressed as that does have an impact. Thinking of you stay positive xxx

Ask your dr's if they think taking estrogen might help. I did that with my last cycle and my follies took off in growth.

Would that have an impact quickly on this cycle or would it be best for a future cycle? Thank you for your advice! X

What day are you now? My estrogen was added on day 4 of this last cycle. How big are your follies and what day are you on?

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Also how old are you? Check out the estrogen priming protocol (EPP) for future cycles

I’m on day 10 of stimming, I have 60+ follicles all under 8mm x

Gosh it might be best to use estrogen on the next cycle at this point but please ask your dr about it. That's so many follies 😍 so I don't think you have a low egg reserve like I did (I only had 5!!)

Okay thank you I will definitely mention it, hopefully my scan tomorrow shows they have grown πŸ™πŸ» as I have heard it’s quality over quantity 😍

Yes it is! Update us please, if you want. :)

Of course I will πŸ˜„

My follicles are now between 10-11mm so they have slightly grown! Increased my Menopur again and next scan on Wednesday πŸ™πŸ» x

Oh that's great!!!! Maybe they will just have you stim for a few extra days than most. That's positive that they're growing :)). Is your estrogen level up?

Research "adding estrogen to make follicles grow" and also the estrogen priming protocol

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