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Laparoscopy results ivf

Hi I underwent my first laparoscopy yesterday. I was a little disappointed with the results and feel bit disheartened. We have had two failed ivf cycles. The laparoscopy showed my ovaries were both adhered to my pelvic wall. There was also dense adhesions attaching my pelvis to my bowel. The doctor mentioned something about my right fallopian tube aswell. They were unable to treat any of the adhesions. And said everything was very inflamed they have asked us to follow up the surgery with our ivf clinic. I feel really disheartened and wondered if anyone else has any experience. My sister has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy aswell. I'm happy for her but so desperately want the same for me and my husband. Xxxx

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I have stage 4 endo (one tube blocked; other ovary a bit silent and stuck to my womb) and two laps for endometriomas. Another forum I'm on there are women with worse endo than yours or mine who've succeeded. I've just had my first cycle of ivf result in miscarriage. It's hard but even without endo, it's a numbers game. Try not to think too much about the lap: it doesn't change the reasons your struggling. In fact, now you know why and with blocked tubes IVf is the best solution. Hope your fertility clinic are able to cheer you up. Let's keep fighting x


Thanks skatty that's lovely I'm so sorry to hear you have just had a miscarriage my heart goes out to you. We go back to our consultant on Friday but it's reassuring that people with worse cases have gotten pregnant. I feel disappointed I went through all the clomid cycles previously before finding out natural conception is impossible with my fallopian tubes and ovaries. I think a laparoscopy should be one of the first things they do if endo is suspected. Wishing you luck on your journey xxxx

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Good luck to you too. I was 'lucky' I guess that they had already found my endo then as it meant they checked my tubes ASAP & referred me straight for ivf. I guess time wasn't on my side either being 39 then, 40 now!


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