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Laparoscopy for unexplained infertility?

Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.. I have been ttc for over 10 years.. I’ve never been pregnant - not even in my early 20s when I was ttc with a previous partner! I’ve had all the tests and 3 failed rounds of ivf- and am still non the wiser! I went back to my Gynae out of desperation and he has listed me for laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, dye test etc.. (I’ve had the hsg before and tubes were fine)... anyway, I agreed as a last ditch attempt for an answer, or at least as a closer look into things before considering whether to do a final ivf?! ... I’ve just got the op date through for 2 wks time and I’m now getting nervous! I think (gut instinct) I may have mild endometriosis but I’ve got really regular (albeit heavy and often painful) periods.. Does anyone have any positive stories or been diagnosed with unexplained infertility then had lap and they did find something? I guess I’m scared of putting myself through more invasive procedures and pain again for them to say they couldn’t find anything.. but at least I’ll have tried everything I suppose. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else has had this done in a similar situation and if you thought it’s worth it? Thanks- sending luck to everyone! X

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I had this done and sometimes it all u need to help u.. unfortunately i dnt think it didnt anything 4 me but we did find out that my tubes are all open.

Good luck x


For me having a lap n dye was without a doubt the best decision I have made. I had unexplained infertility for nearly 6 years ; every test was normal. It was very frustrating to not be able to conceive and not understand the reason why.

My lap n dye showed endometriosis so finally we had our reason and it was treated at same time we conceived first cycle.Something we had never managed before. Unfortunately I lost the baby at 4.5 weeks pregnant & the endo grew back.

Tomorrow I’m bout to have my third laparoscopy (in 13 months )this time with a endometriosis specialist ( it’s all over my rectum)

I feel very strongly that women facing infertility should have endometriosis checked for and cannot understand why it isn’t is a standard procedure when everything else is.

Your specialist sounds on the ball 👍

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have xoxo

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Thank you so much for your responses... jess you have really put my mind at ease that it is the right thing to do! I have always thought I had endometriosis so this will hopefully at least answer some questions and fingers crossed help! Did you know you had endo, or have symptoms prior to having your laparoscopy?

That’s amazing that you conceived so quickly after your first op- but I am so so sorry for your loss- it’s just so cruel after waiting so long 😞.. thank you for sharing your story..

I wish you soo much luck for tom- I’ll be thinking of you! please let me know how you get on! How long does it normally take you to recover? Do you get shoulder pain? I’m just wondering how long I will need off work as I have quite a physical job but they are not going to be happy about me having time off at such short notice!!

Anyway, you are clearly a strong woman and you have really given me hope and reassured me that this is the right thing for me to do! Thank you!! Sending you all the best! ❤️

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Before my diagnosis I didn’t know I had endometriosis I thought heavy & painful periods that made you miss school & work were normal. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Looking back I had all the symptoms you can have with endo and I’m shocked that none of the medics considered it- I had years of “ unexplained infertility “ and suffered many abnormalities in my cycles. I had a dismissive first fertility doctor who wasn’t interested in getting to the bottom of it; ivf or trying and we won’t fund you and to cut a very long story short after a clear hysteroscopy & many cycle issues I was referred to a fertility doctor 2 years ago and he’s brilliant; done all my referrals couldn’t do this journey without him 😊After a bad reaction on my 4 th round of clomid my fertility doctor suggested a lap n dye . It was difficult to get medics to diagnose as I had gynae and bowels 😂 My body likes to confuse 😏

My symptoms include;

pre period spotting a few days prior period ( red, brown pink)

Heavy periods with huge blood clots ( not always)

Severe pain prior to and period; literally I can’t do anything but breath through it.

Diarrhoea and constipated a week before and during my period.

Bleeding from my butt during my periods ( gross I know)

Pain during deep sex ( sorry tmi)

Severe pain during normal pelvic examinations.

Sharp chronic pain in my lower left side throughout my cycles; used to think it was ovary pain 🤦🏽‍♀️ worse during periods.

Bleeding between cycles.

Your time off will depend on whether anything was done and the type of job you do. If it’s just a diagnostic lap ( ie they look and find nothing) Perhaps a week will be okay if it’s an operative lap it can be between two to 6 weeks.

For both my operative laps I had two weeks off work and was fine and I have a physical job too. Recovery is very individual and my advice is not to go back till you feel ready. The surgeon can provide you with a sick note. Your work have no right to be difficult; hospital appointments cannot be helped. Join the union . I did I work for the council in a school & my business manager is very difficult . Your health is more important and don’t you forget that 👍

The shoulder pain after my both laps were fine and nothing a paracetamol couldn’t fix 👍

Do remember just because it is keyhole doesn’t mean the work they do inside you is 😊

Generally if they find no endo you’ll have two incisions if endo is found and treated it’ll be 3 .A gynae told me that so when I had my second lap I counted them in recovery 😂as some medics were dismissive endo could grow that quickly; mine did.

Thank you I think the op will be a breeze compared to bowel prep I’ve had to do today 😂😳don’t worry that isn’t standard it’s coz my endo is all over my rectum and hopefully this endo specialist can remove it 👍

The only way to know whether you have endo is to have a lap. You can do this!

Seriously anything you need to know ask ( I promise to be honest) xoxo


Wow thank you so much for your honest and insightful answer.. I do have a lot of those symptoms too- funny enough as I’ve got older they’ve got a bit better- the pain I mean- but I still get lots of spotting between periods and will often bleed and get horrid pain if I exercise too much.. yeah it seems a common theme for drs to just right you off and say keep trying or go for ivf! Obv I’ve gone down the ivf route - which has been a heartbreaking few years..but still no answers and I can’t quite put it to rest! I just turned 40 so this really is last chance saloon to get some answers or a diagnosis or at the least a flipping clear out to increase the chances...

You poor thing having to do bowel prep!! I had rectal surgery years ago to remove some polyps and that was equally hideous so I feel you!! But hopefully this surgeon of yours will sort you out and it will all be worth it! Got everything crossed for you 🤞

Thanks again!! Xxx

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Thank you!

I don’t understand how they can treat something when they don’t know the cause.

I’m so sorry to hear of your failed ivfs.

This journey can really knock the stuffing out of you.

Really hope you can get answers which will help you get your bundle of joy 😍xoxo


I had this done after 18months of TTC and no results, we didn’t know what was going on, I was getting more and more disheartened I couldn’t deal with ppl announcing pregnancies work became difficult (I work with children) then a consultant told me he thought it was endo and told my gp to refer me. By this point I had already done my own research and concluded that I had endometriosis but the not knowing for sure killed me. Fast forward and I had my op and it was confirmed I had stage 2 endo with 2 completely blocked tubes. So now having had one tube cleared and pretty much no chance of natural conception we are waiting for ivf.

I know for me personally as scary as it was having those procedures gave me closure and allowed me to plan how I was going to go forward.

Good luck 😉 xxx


Did you know what caused the blockage

There are a lot of women who had severe endometriosis and stage 4 and their tubes are open

And you have stage 2 !

And my doctor said on stage 1 and 2 that means endometriosis doesn’t affect the ovaries and tubes


It was the endo that had them blocked they said to me that before the surgery I would never have fallen pregnant now I have a chance. As much as severity is a factor it is a case of where you have it - I don’t have a lot of endo (enough to be horrible and painful) but it is in completely the wrong places.

Not that I want to call a medical professional a liar but in my experience and the research I’ve done you can have stage 1 &2 and have in either/both the ovaries and/or tubes - sadly mine is .


Doctor immediately diagnosed me with stage 4 he said cyst means advanced stage without thinking

i was asking him mabye i could be stage 3 omg his response was the worst thing i have heard


Thanks Jess and oregan! Yes it sucks this infertility business! ...

Oregan- That’s great you got a diagnosis and that you have a clear plan going forward! Fingers crossed for your ivf journey!! I already had the hsg (dye test under X-ray) in the run up to ivf.. so I know my tubes are fine.. but I guess I’m wondering if it could be a womb lining/endo problem..God knows! .. Hopefully I’ll get some answers... oregan what were your endo symptoms if you don’t mind me asking?...xxx


Hi Lu1u

Sorry this is old but just in case you were still interested my symptoms include:

Pain during periods heavy periods for me (used to be fairly light)

I lost weight

Pain mid cycle

Bad bowel pain eg when passing stools

Random period cramps they mean I’m rushing to the bathroom


Abdominal cramping mostly left sided

Odd occasion rectal bleeding

Pain during sex or about an hour after sex

I’d spot before my period with bad pain then have my cycle and then stop bleeding but would still be in pain

Hope this is helpful



Thank you- they did find some endo- and a stenotic cervix?!! It’s interesting how everyone has slightly different symptoms! I’m hoping having it cleared away will help me- although it wasn’t blocking my tubes or anything.. anyway thanks for your reply! Hope your symptoms improve! Xxx


I’m wholly in favour of laparoscopy, they only found and treated two mild endometrial spots with me but I fell pregnant naturally the month after (having tried for 25 cycles before). There’s evidence that even treating very mild endometriosis which isn’t blocking anything can improve chances of pregnancy. Don’t underestimate recovery time though- they gave me the impression I would be fine after two to three days and I actually needed nine days off work and even then it was pushing myself to go back- I think most people take two weeks. There are lots of tips about what to do to prepare for a laparoscopy on the endometriosis Uk page but my top tip is to fill the freezer so you don’t have to prepare food afterwards!


Oh I’m sorry I just saw this post is a month old. You must have had your lap by now. I hope it went ok.

If no answers maybe ask about getting karyotyping done to check your chromosomes are normal xx


Thank you Lizzie - that’s such a positive story!!!!! Congratulations 🤗... yes the lap was ok thanks and I took a week and half off work.. they found moderate endo and cysts on one tube which they cleared (although no blockages).. they also said I had a stenotic cervix - maybe due to scarring from previous ivf - they don’t know- but they dilated it anyway- i(although it can’t be that closed as I have periods!) ... they said no sex for 3 weeks due to the cervix business so fingers crossed for next month?! But your story has really given me hope so thank you! .. and I will look up karyotying.. is that the genetic testing through ivf? They suggested that and then told me it was 18-20 thousand!!! So that put an end to me considering that Lol!!



Karyotyping is just a blood test for you and your partner to check you don’t carry chromosome problems, it should cost a few hundred. I think you must have been quoted for embryo chromosome testing through ivf, which the hfea suggests doesn’t add much to your chances unless you have a known hereditary problem you are testing for x


Yes.. That was it- and I didn’t get the impression it added anything to the chances! Ok I’m going to ask my consultant about karyotyping at my follow up appt- seems worth it- can’t believe it wasn’t suggested before! Thank you!! Xx


Did you try radiant wonder products for blocked Fallopian tubes ? I think you have to work on the blockage instead of ivf

Treat the blockage will give you a chance to get pregnant naturally many times

I used serrapeptase but I don’t recommend it as it caused horrible things for my stomach

Radiant woder products seems not harmful for stomach i will use them after i treat my stomach issues


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