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Clomid with a cold

Hi guys

Just after some advice, I'm in my 2nd round of IUI and have took clomid from days 2-6 unfortunately for my first round and this one I've been struck down with colds! This time I have a chesty cough and a horrible cold, I've taken some lemsip tablets and cough medicine but weren't sure if this would have an effect on the clomid I took, the nurse didn't say anything and I've googled it and read different things, has anyone had negative experiaces with it?


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Hi Veekay80. I've got one too so you have my sympathy! Your cold won't affect the way Clomid works, but keep away from anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. Just stick to hot lemon and paracetamol. If your nose gets blocked try some old fashioned menthol crystals , just one dissolved in very hot water and breathe in the vapour. Hope you soon feel better and all the best with the Clomid. Diane

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Thanks Diane, its Sod's law isn't it? Any other time I'd be fine bur has to come up when I'm tcc!

I've been taking paracetamol only so should be fine but yea will go back to good old lemon and hot water.

Good luck to you too x


Hi Veekay80. Just hoping that you are feeling better. Diane

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