First appointment in March, what happens there and what then?

I'm sure this has been asked here hundred times BUT I have been trying to find information about the IVF/ICSI process in NHS but it seems that there seems to be so many different processes but I try my luck here...

So our GP sent the referral to one NHS infertility clinics in London in December and we got letter this week for our appointment there, which will be in March. The letter doesn't explain what the appointment is about, it just says that it is with Dr XXX's team.

We have had blood tests, SA and scan/ultrasound taken but obviously some of these might need to be done again. In my side everything seem to be ok but my husband's SA wasn't great.

But if someone can tell how this usually goes, what is the first appointment about? What happens then? Does the actual treatments start soon after the first appointment? I have read that some people need to wait other 6 months after the first appointment to actually start the treatment and other seem to start from their next cycle from the appointment.

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  • Hey again!

    Ok so we went to clinic in September. I had a blood test for amh levels and then following week I think for a meeting with a consultant, followed by nurse to learn about meds and was told to call when next AF for baseline scan. That was in oct and then did that and scan was ok so then told next AF call on day 2 to start treatment. Got that end of oct/start Nov. Had all meds delivered before hand.

    Had about 10days on meds and was in for EC on Nov 11th etc xx

  • Thanks allieb21 this info was very helpful! X

  • Hi, on our first appt it was with a nurse who was part of our consultants team who went through all our medical history and did height/weight etc as bmi must be below 30. We then got a list of things that needed doing before we met the consultant so all blood tests- which a lot had been done already, baseline scan, up to date smear test etc. This was november I think then we met the consultant in December as did we then meet the nurse who showed how to inject etc we have just had our first cycle done and Im now in 2ww. Ours was slightly delayed due to Xmas and new year so as the clinic was closed we couldn't start cycle till Jan. X

  • Thank you so much for the info Laura3101! Eekkks, how you are finding the 2ww? Lots of positive thoughts from here and good luck! Xx

  • Long! Ha ha it's most definitely the longest time ever- Im a week in now though so one more to go and my test date is next sunday so trying to keep positive and not overanalyze everything- i have taken both weeks off work so I can chill out and do nice things like have lunch out and sleep in 😊 x

  • I know the feeling! And you are doing well if you can stay positive and def do not overanalyze! Everyone's and every 2ww is different. For example from my 2 previous ICSI cycles the both 2ww were very different. And enjoy your time off :) xx

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