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Funding approved, first appointment soon: what will happen?

Hello everybody!

I Hope everybody is having a good start of the new year!! I am having a good time in my home town, although is also the time to meet with a lot of friends and their babies and it makes me a bit sad, I just wish the same they have...

Anyway, we got the NHS approval on December (yeah!) and will have our first appointment at the fertility clinic in 10 days. I think it's an initial nurse consultation. Does anybody know what will happen there? How soon could we start after that?

Unfortunately, although in their instructions they said that It should preferably in the first half of my cycle, now I know it will most likely happen right after ovulation, as my last period just got a couple of days earlier that usual. I don't know how important it will be, but that was the earliest date they offered...

Any information will be very welcome! I am starting to get nervous, and excited, and scared!

Thanks a lot!

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Hey on our first meeting they went through all test results, met with the nurse and consultant who ran through what protocol you will be on and a time scale of apps (they should book all for you as well) we then got booked in for implications meeting where you learn how to administer the drugs then on next period you start!! 😊 luckily mine came the day b4 implications meeting and got me all ready and set up in a day!! Any questions you have let me know good luck!🍀 xx

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Thank you so much for all the information! It is really useful!

I hope our meeting is as fruitful as yours, I really wish to get started ASAP

Thanks!! Xxx


Hi, they normally do bloods, check weights etc

They also run through the process etc.

I think they might have also scanned me to check follicles etc and usually recommend a protocol.

They take you through each step at a time, it might feel a bit daunting but as it is done in steps, it becomes easy to follow.

Best of luck and great news about the funding, it’s such a relief to get that through!

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Yes, it's great that at least we get an opportunity fully funded!

Thanks a lot for all the info! I prefer that as many things as possible happen, I really want to get started!

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The process is quick once you get going it will be quicker than you can imagine. Good luck, it’s exciting to start a first round xxx

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