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Baseline scan Booked for next Thursday

So just an update, AF arrived and I am

Booked in for my baseline scan on Thursday next week. Will also be collecting my next lot of injections which I believe will be the menopur ones.

I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about how they will make me feel, and worried about OHHS

Has anyone else had horrible side effects or suffered OHHS or is it not very common and I'm just having my worry head on as usual?


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I didn't get ohss thank goodness but I did feel really really tired. I would get to about 4pm and need a sofa kip..also some headaches and I cried at anything..oh all this to look forward too again for me😩good luck next week xxxx

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Thanks so much for replying!

I'm worrying about OHSS and I haven't even got there yet!

Ok no worries, I will probably be an emotional wreck then!

Good luck on you next cycle 🍀🍀

Thank you very much xx


Hi Diamonddream. Try not to worry yourself about all of this before anything happens. Your clinic will look after you I'm sure. Good luck with the Menopur and of course for the rest of the cycle - and for success. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thank you so much Diane

I'm trying not to worry or stress but I just find this OHSS so scary!

I'm sure I am and will be in good hands!

Will update Thursday! Thanks again xx


Hi Diamonddream. Oh dear! You're a long way off even beginning to suffer with OHSS, so be as positive as you can, and you WILL be kept a close eye on. Diane

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