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Hi everyone, I know it's a little late but happy new year and I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. After 2016 was spent enduring 3 rounds of IVF (2 fresh, 1 fet) all of which failed we are hoping this year proves to be more positive πŸ™πŸ» It didn't start so fantastically though, our (nhs) clinic is experiencing staff shortages so we were told the wait to see a doctor prior to our next cycle would be 6 months! I would perhaps wait as I really feel like we need the break, physically and emotionally but I'm very concious of my age..I turn 40 in January of 2018 and my clinic want me to go on prostap (I have endometriosis) for 3 months prior to starting out next cycle, in the hope that it will give us a better chance of success. However I wasn't actually sure why and how prostap helps and needed this explaining to me, of course this would have meant waiting for 6 months! I am so grateful we are entitled to 3 cycles of funded treatment where we live, I only wish everyone was but I felt that 6 months wait then a further 3 'months on prostap when time isn't on my side was risky.

Anyway, I'm waffling now! We decided to see a doctor at a private clinic in order to try and get these answers and saw a wonderful doctor who also does work for my clinic as well as privately. He explained that prostap can make the bodies of those with endometriosis less inflamed and therefore more likely to accept an embryo, I thought I would pass this on in case any ladies with endo were also wondering, or perhaps wanted to suggest it to their clinics as an option.

He also said those of us with endo are more likely to have high NK cells, something I have been concerned about because despite great quality blastocysts, none of our embryos have implanted.

So now I will start prostap in the next few weeks for 3 months then go straight into our next cycle, we are really hoping the prostap works and we finally get our dream.

Wishing all you lovelies a positive & successful 2017, I reckon we all deserve it xx

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  • Thanks for sharing.

    Our last consultant wasn't worried that endo would interfere with the IVF!

    Did the private consultant say anything to you about how up to date you should have had a lap before IVF!

  • Hi Hollibob

    I hope my post hasn't worried you, I just thought that I would want to be as informed as possible. Everyone is different of course and I know of lots of ladies with endo who have got pregnant, naturally and with treatment so it is possible. This particular doctor is an expert in endo and also teaches on it which is why I wanted to see him. He did discuss another lap (my last one was in 2013) but the problem I have is, if I wait for one on the NHS (as we couldn't afford it privately right now) I would probably turn 40 before the next IVF round, which means we would lose our final funded treatment. He did say the prostap can also be very effective and didn't seem too concerned that I haven't had surgery more recently so we're chancing it. He did just say he thought I would need another one in the not too distant future.

    The way he explained it was that because endo is an inflammatory condition, this inflammation can make the environment difficult for a embryo to implant into. He said that because prostap switches off the ovaries that 'fuel' the endo, it just makes things more neutral for a embryo.

    I hope this helps and I wish you lots of luck xx

  • Hi Georgina78

    Whereabouts in the country are you having your IVF, if you don't mind me asking? I too am entitled to 3 NHS cycles and am under Northumberland, so wondering if I could be affected by any staff shortages. We have our next consultation 7th Feb to plan our 3rd cycle for March/ April.


  • Hi Hun I'm in Manchester, at St Mary's. My clinic have appointed new staff for 2 that have left or are leaving but this crossover period has just meant a backlog. It's just unfortunate but I felt we needed to take matters into our own hands a little, with my age! I'm sure you won't have this problem, lots of luck with your next cycle xx

  • What rotten luck/timing. But good you have a plan despite this! Good luck with the prostap and your next cycle xx

  • Thank you, to be honest I'm now actually pleased we were kind of forced to have a private appointment as it really was worth every penny. To have a whole hour with someone so knowledgeable who has the time to answer your many questions! During an examination he also found a nodule of endo in my vaginal canal, which would explain why I sometimes have pain during sex or smears etc. This has never been found before by anyone else. He is also actioning everything from now on for us (as he also does nhs work for my clinic) which in itself was worth it. We've been so lucky with the NHS funding and the clinic are largely wonderful but there have been some frustrating delays & mixups since we started.

    Lots of luck to you too xx

  • Oh, my darling I have the similar problem. We failed 4 cycles and trying to cope with that. I'm about to change my clinic because we just wasted a great amount of money and time. My clinic was good but I feel I need someone more experienced. I'm not so young and that's mean there is no time to wait. You know what I'm talking about.

    I wish this year bring us more lucky days. I hope it with all my soul. Thank you for your wishing


  • Thanks for your reply and your wishes Hun, so sorry to hear you've had 4 unsuccessful cycles, it's so hard isn't it. I definitely know what you mean about not having time to wait, that panic about it running out doesn't help during such a anxious time anyway does it.

    I hope you find a clinc you're happy with and 2017 is much more positive. Keep in touch won't you Xx

  • thank you a lot. And that's so hard. I can't stand it anymore and all these people who already have children, their happy faces

    phew, I hate myself sometimes, why that happen to me? As it said, the hope is the last to die. Wish my will not die until I will be a mother.

    thank you one more time

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