BFP today first one after 4 TTC

I hope this post doesn't annoy anyone it's more to put the message out there that positive results come from positive thoughts and actions. So tonight I was supposed to have my first consultation with a private specialist after TTC for what seems like forever. My period is 5 days late so I tested and got a faint result (the test was out of date) so I bought a new test and got those two lines I've been hoping for straight away! It's early days but I'm only thinking about the end result. My doctors say just wait and a midwife will call you in a few weeks and that's it. Think my husband is in shock as he's wanted this for so long too. I wish everyone on this page the same good fortune as I have received baby dust to to you ❀️

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  • Awwww congratulations :-D that's amazing! Wishing you all the best xxx

  • Hunni why would that annoy any of us? We all want this for ourselves and others going through this- seeing others have success helps us all have a little more hope.

    Congratulations-so happy for you- wishing you the very best with your pregnancy.


  • I just thought sometimes it's hard to read if you are having a bad day with this whole process. Thank you for your message xx

  • Thank you xx

  • amazing! good luck to you honey!!!

    i have already made my first step towards the dream of becoming a mother. We're hoping that this is going to be our year xx

  • Ah thank you. First step is the hardest best of luck to you too. Positive thoughts for you xx

  • yes it is... hopefully this year brings only positive results to all of us!


  • Congratulations hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Hi Mrsjj. Well done you! Won't be too long before your midwife contacts you and you can have your scan and meet your little bean! Fabulous! Diane

  • This is amazimg newz am so happy for u..on this site we love good newz it would never annoy us were like a little family here a prayim for each other 2 get them 2 lines x x x

  • Great news congratulations, I wish you all the luck with your pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise xxx

  • Amazing news, congratulations wishing you all the best xxxxxx

  • Wow, what fantastic news!!! I hope the 'cloud 9' feeling last for weeks and that you will have a very happy and healthy pregnancy x

  • Ah thank you so much. Think it's still not sunk in xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Congratulations x

  • Lucky lady x wish you well

  • Wow that's amazing congratulations to the both of you, I LOVE it when I see someone get there bfp as it makes me happy plus just gives me more hope. I wish a nice healthy pregnancy xxx

  • Congratulation Hun xx

  • Congratulations! Lovely news.

  • congrats!!!! xxxxx

  • Huge congratulations xx

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