Miscarriage after a bfp

We just completed our first round of IVF after 3 years ttc. I got a bfp at 8dpt and 9 but then started spotting. Our HCG test was on 4/12 and show positive but I started bleeding heavily and still am. I am due to have another test tomorrow but just know the numbers won’t habe doubled as they should I am around 4 weeks.

I have had such bad cramping also. I want to remain positive but just can’t. All symptoms I had have gone also. I just feel incredibly sad as I really thought this was good news for us. Not sure when to try again or what to do, as feeling scared now it might result in another miscarriage.

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  • Hi hun big hugs to you xx look after yourself xx

    I've just been for a bloodtest as I've had two big bleeds - would of been six weeks tomo but the nurse didn't seem to hopeful and thinks I've miscarried. My husband wants to try again asap but I'm not so sure myself for the same reason as you. We need time to heal I guess xx

    Thinking of you xx

  • My husband wants to try again straight away also. Going to wait until tomorrow’s bloods and then at least I can put this to bed and start to move on. I think for me is knowing why we miscarried? Something I know I may never know.

  • Hi Tiffs. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and keeping everything crossed. If it's not to be, then massive luck for when you try again. Diane

  • Ladies, please don’t loose hope. Some people bleed during the first trimester. 😔🙏

  • I am sorry about what you are going through. It is really painful and stressful. Please hang in there until you get the test results.

  • So sorry for what you are going through. I have completed 3 cycles and sympathise with the googling of symptoms and praying for the Normal signs to be there. Give yourself time. You need to give yourself a break and time to heal. Praying for you xxx

  • Thanks everyone just been for blood test so will know in a few hours x

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