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Trying again after miscarriage before ivf

Hi ladies I had a natural miscarriage at 8 weeks 10 days again after ttc for 2yrs with low ovarian reserve we had previously been approved for ivf on the nhs last August and this was due to start this march. Earlier this week we had a consultation with the doctor to confirm that ivf treatment was still approved and we could start as planned in march. I need to start my treatment from the first day of my next period where they will do internal scan to check all is okay and also do a trail embro transfer and we have been told that we must use protection as risk of pregnancy is dangerous during treatment. I have done an ovulation test last night and this morning which was pretty positive so I'm thinking I could try naturally one more time before I start my next period, if I start my next period I go on for the scan and start meds if not than there is a possibility of naturally conceving. I did a pregnancy test about 4 days ago and this came back negative. If anyone has any advise it would be really great to hear your thoughts as I have low ovarian reserve feel like every month counts which is why we don't want to delay treatment I just want to know if it's safe to try this week so close to miscarriage and starting ivf treatment xxx

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Hi nmill. Well my philosophy would be don't miss a natural cycle unless instructed otherwise! It would a shame not to try. You will always be checked out before any treatment starts anyhow. Just wanted to wish you well with your next cycle when it starts, and hope for continued success this time. Thinking of you. Diane


hi, just wanted to say cheer up and think positively

everything will be ok


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