IVF delayed 😩

Well AF still a no show after finishing my course of noresthisterone. I know it will come, but there has been so much build up to my IVF, it's been a long time coming. I can't start my burselin & gonal F injections until I come on..... which has a knock on effect on my planned ultrasounds & egg collection. It's hard enough preparing to book those days off work. Sorry, rant over 🀐

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  • My af came about 4 days after I stopped taking norithsterone.I was also worried at the time and I even posted about it on this site .hang in there .

  • It's day 4, last month I came on day 4 after noresthisterone, it's just so frustrating. I was supposed to start injections this morning. I can feel it coming, and I know it will be within the next 24 hrs.xx

  • Hey Hun I was down regulating for 4 weeks before I was allowed to start my stimming injections. Hang in there! Xxx

  • Aww-how frustrating for you! Really hope your period shows up soon and you can move forward to the next stage of your treatment.


  • Thanks jess, it does drive me mad all this waiting around. I'm too impatient, I think you pysc yourself up with each moment. Hope your ok? Any news on your scan?x

  • Oh I know-always something to wait for! Patience isn't my strong point either!!! And going through this hasn't improved it one bit hahahaha!

    No Hun I haven't yet-thank you for asking. I do feel poorly-it's sad we have to put our bodies- let alone minds through this to have a baby-it's not fair. That's my rant done hahaha!

    Threaten a pregnancy test to your body-that'll make it arrive πŸ˜‚!!!


  • I said that to my mum tonight about a pregnancy test, she got all carried away. I said I definitely wouldn't be, I can feel it coming have done for a few days, so won't be long. I've spent so much money in the past on them, I never buy them anymore as they are torture. Xx

  • Oh sweet you will get your rainbow soon πŸŒˆπŸ‘ΆπŸ» This will be worth it πŸ‘πŸ» I don't test either-no point in two disappointments a month. But we have to believe our time will come and we won't be beaten x

  • Really hope AF comes very soon so you can get started x

  • Thanks city74, still no show. So frustrating xx

  • That is annoying isn't it? I'm not surprised you are frustrated about it. Take care of yourself xx

  • Thank you, I just want to start my injections, it's the build up that's not helping. It will come soon I'm sure, but my body is being cruel to me.x

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