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All systems go...advice for a first timer!

Around November we had our planning meeting and was told we needed to wait as my thyroid levels were too high at 3.07 I was retested and these are now at 1.77 so we have been given the go ahead to start.

I get my meds on Wednesday and due to start the nasal spray on 21st Jan. If all goes well possible EC w/c 27th.

I have just spoken with my boss and luckily she is really supportive, with regards to time off during EC and ET. I have provisionally booked 2 days for EC and 5 for the transfer? Does this seem about right? Am I giving myself enough time, I have a desk job that isn't too stressful.

Also just after a little advice as what to do and not to do during the different stages, I know the biggies no drinking/caffeine and plenty of water (hub just got me a new water bottle to take to work lol). Just anything else you found useful?

I guess I am just a little nervous as it's our first round and what to do whatever possible to give it the best go we can :)

A x

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Hi taylor85. I'm sure all the girls on here will fill you in with all their experiences, but basically, having a week off altogether is what you will need. I always advise to make sure you drink plenty of water after egg collection and have a good rest. You can take paracetamol safely if you get any discomfort, but keep away from anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. Try and keep busy while you are waiting to test and do nothing strenuous. Good luck with it all, and of course, for success. Diane

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I think it can vary with what you should do. I was specifically told to stick to normality as much as possible and not take much time off! I didn't take a single day off during the whole process and was back at my desk 20 minutes after transfer! I was glad to have work to take my mind off things.


Hi Taylor. I would def say for egg collection the 2 incase you're a bit sore. For transfer my hospital said just carry on as normal but if you can get time off take it. Is meant to help to take it easy. No lifting, no caffeine, eat healthily, avoid hot baths, pineapple core and nuts are meant to help. Acupuncture too. And I read laughter after transfer meant to help implantation. Good luck xx


I have just booked my first Acupuncture for next week as it seems to be highly recommended! Thank you x


Wishing the very best of luck...my wife and I both wer recommended to go with accupunture too, and we must admit, it's a life changer. In the good sense of course. We had been doing this for almost a year. Due to have a FET on Monday.


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