All systems go!

So, after the disappointing scan last week the extra dosage of menopur seemed to do the trick and everything has come along nicely. I got the call this evening telling me to do my trigger shot tonight ready for egg collection Wednesday morning. Eeek!

All I've been told is to be at the clinic at 9.15am ready for the procedure at 10. Should I take anything or wear anything in particular? I remember them saying right at the start that I shouldn't wear any deodorant or make-up, but they haven't mentioned anything about that today. Any tips gratefully received!


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  • Hi, I got told if having a shower use perfume free stuff like simple.

    Also had to take slippers and dressing gown.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks Crazy Cat, I will definitely be taking slippers! Just hoping it's not raining on the day so I can wear pjs to and from the car!

  • Good plan 😁. I wore my slippers out to the car it was too cold for pj's lol x

  • Ha! A woman after my own heart! I have already earmarked a pair of unassuming pjs that could be perceived as normal clothes to the untrained eye. Occasionally I wear them to the supermarket! ;-)

  • Hi MonkAK. Hope all goes/has gone well for you. Have a good rest afterwards and make sure you drink plenty of water. Diane

  • MonkAK mine was delayed by two days after disappointing scan and I'm going now on Wednesday at 10am but got to be there at 9.15!! Trigger shot tonight at 10 - I'm so excited!! Hadn't realised that this trigger was done tonight, tomorrow will be strange with no jabs!! How are you feeling? I cried on Friday when I found out there would be a delay but I'm much happier I've had a couple of days rest now and feel ready for it. I've just been and bought all the simple toiletries as well as new slippers and a summer dressing gown. Think that's everything! Hope you're doing ok, good luck with your jab tonight!! x x x

  • Yay! We are seriously in synch with each other aren't we?!!

    I'm feeling very glad that I don't have to be a pin cushion any more - those injections were really starting to get me down - but apart from that just relieved that we've got this far really. I didn't realise the trigger was done so far in advance either, but I've got acupuncture tomorrow so am looking forward to a day of rnr with NO NEEDLES (well, apart from the acupuncture!)

    Just doing lots of cleaning and washing tonight in preparation as my clinic have told me that I'm not allowed to operate anything electrical for 3 days after. Not sure why that is, but I won't argue if it gives me an excuse to be waited on by the DH!

    I think I will probably start to feel a bit nervous if I let myself think about it too much. Are you feeling nervous at all?

    Good luck! Let me know how you get on. Xxx

  • We are absolutely in sync!! Haha! At the minute I'm more excited and relieved that it's finally here but the nerves will hit more tomorrow night I think! Yikes!! I had my acupuncture on Friday so not having any more until next week now. I'm not sure how I feel about it still! The nurse said to DH today that he has to treat me like a princess bless him! To be fair he's very good with the housework anyway but he said I can have whatever I want until I go back to work. I hope I'm not too tired to manipulate this situation!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Keep in touch, if you're not back on here beforehand best of luck!! Will share my results when I get them Wednesday x x x

  • Yes, my nurse told DH that his job through all this is to take special care of me. I prefer to think of it as medicinal rather than manipulative though!

    I'll check back in on Wednesday, but don't be surprised if a nervous post appears before then. Strangely, I'm a bit worried about the sedation. I'm fine with general anaesthetic but have never been sedated before and I'm worried that I'll either still be able to feel it, or just do or say something really stupid! Then there's the dreaded pessaries. I'm more nervous about those than I was about injecting myself!

    Anyway, I'll stop now before I worry us both! Good luck and here's to lots of juicy eggs being collected on Wednesday from us both ...If we have the same number this will be just too weird! Xx

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