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IVF amh levels question

Hi I have just received my prostap injection. I am now waiting until the 23rd for my scan. I was wondering if anyone has any statistics they could share on success rates as I'm not entirely sure if my AMH level of 14 is good or bad. I am 27, normal BMI and no hhelth issues. Unfortunately there has been no explanation for not conceiving. Thanks

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Hi, I'd say that's a good level. Mine when it was measured in sept was 5.5. I'm 33 and I was told that that level was more at 39 year olds so was devastated. It reduces you see as you get older. You are in the correct bracket for your age simply-fertility.com/patien...



That's a good level, mine is 8 and I'm 29. Anything above 8 is normal I think.x


Hi Lsmith1989. An AMH level of 14 couldn't be better, so fingers crossed that all goes well for you. Diane


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