Tonsillitis and ivf

πŸ™ I just want to cry...... I've just woke up and I'm 99.9% I've woken up with Tonsillitis ( delt with a lot growing up) the thing is suppose to be starting my 3rd of IVF on the 31st January I've already started taking the pill πŸ™ the 31st is for scan and to start injections.

I know I've probably got enough time to recover from it, but I've already had the flu bug over Christmas and new year......

Now this am I so run down πŸ˜•.

I'm so tempted to ring clinic and postpone treatment but I know husband will be devastated

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  • I got tonsillitis on my 2 week wait- our ICSI IVF worked and we now have twin girls- can you speak to your doctor for advice?

  • Thank you gives me some hope thing I'm just feeling sorry for myself . I will defo ring gp this but I know they won't give antibiotics unless they do swabs first πŸ™ and they take a week to come back so you just have to suffer till they tell u ooooo yes it is an infection πŸ˜• x

  • I stsrted injecting on the 27th and came down with flu and tonsillitis just after it's horrible anfelt like giving up but I didn't and I'm glad I didn't, I really hope you get better. But if you want to postpone it then it's your body and you have to do what's right for you!


  • Thank you it's rubbish as if we don't have enough to deal with ..... would feel better if didn't have to fight with doctors to get antibiotics πŸ™ and snotty doctors receptionists lol.

    Waiting for a doctor now to ring me back so fingers crossed.

    Good luck with your cycle I hope u get a big fat postive xx

  • I had a bad cold through having ivf , was nervous it would somehow ruin it , but I kept on , siped ginger lemon and honey in hot water . I now have a healthy baby girl . I read somewhere that having a cold are something like it puts your body in mend it mode and that helps your body to except the embryo , don't know how true that is but it worked for me . Good luck x

  • Thank you, well I hope that accepting embro is right. 😊 it would definitely be worth suffering for x

  • Hi Crazy_cat,

    I do hope you're on the mend from your tonsilitus. What did you decide to do about your ivf after?

    Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with accute tonsilitus and told my ivf would have to be postponed a month. Though I was devastated, im glad we postponed because by the froday I was admitted to hosptial, had quincy abscesses drained by a needle and I was put on an IV line and kept in for 3 days.

    I'm home now but still have a way to go with recovery and feel I'll cope with ivf better if I'm in tip top shape so glad I didn't try to take both on.

    I hope you're recovering well and your ivf is a success!

    Luck and love to you xx

  • Oh God you have had a rough time πŸ™. I hope you start feeling better soon and get in tip top shape for your IVF round and get a successful out come. Your right your better off been 100% .

    I'm starting to feel better, I just kept quite about starting new round of IVF to gp. Decided that since my 1st scan isn't till 31st of January I figured I'd be totally back on my feet by then or hopefully.

    Good luck for when you start yours too xx

  • Thank you Crazy_cat, im on the mend now.

    Glad you're starting to improve too. I don't blame you for keeping quiet given that you don't start until the 31st, I'm sure you'll be much better by then and it would have been a shame to have to postpone due to the tail end of an illness!

    I'll be starting an antagonist cycle in early Feb now.

    Best of luck to you lovely xx

  • That's the same cycle as me and you won't be far behind me then, it will be here before you know it 😊.

    And thank you xx

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