Ivf day 8 of high dose stims and poor response - advice/good stories?

Hi I'm on short protocol & high dose drugs. I have a low Amh at 3.1 & aged 33. On day 2 scan I had 8 follies but on day 8 scan I only had 2 big ones plus 4 small. Where have they gone??The nurse unhelpfully told me she got a fright at how few I had until she checked my amh but then clawed it back by saying I only need one egg. I had a hy cosy in march on day 8 of my cycle & had at least 9 follicles then so don't know why so few now wheh this time i am on stimms! Any advice to grow more?? I have been using a hit water bottle & doing acupuncture already. Also can you get more eggs than there are follicles. Positive advice or stories welcome please! Thanks ladies x

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  • My follies were slowing growing this cycle but I was on the long protocol. At my day 7 scan they said this cycle may have to stop and start again. So I put a hot water bottle on my belly, acupuncture, ate lots of protein! They got there in the end! And I had 9 mature collected 😁 (also I stimmed for one extra day)

  • I was very similar....14 at consultation scan, but 5 wks later at baseline they could only find 2!! 😳 I was on highest meds anyway due to age, but a week ago today they collected 10 mature eggs from 13 follies!!

    Try not to stress too much...It really is amazing how much they can grow (& appear) just in a few days!! 🍀 I ended up stimming for 4 days more than planned - some ladies just take a little longer I guess!! Wishing you the very best of luck!! 🙏 Lots of water & hot water bottles!!

  • hello were you on the short protocol? x

  • Yes short so just started on cycle day 2 and now on day 8

  • Hi ClarabGlasgow. Try not to worry about this result, as you would not get lots of follicles with a low AMH. However, the secret is to get a few follicles that continue to mature large enough for eggs to get into when you have your trigger shot. I have many ladies who only ever get 2 or 3 eggs and end up with a viable pregnancy. Fingers crossed for you. Diane

  • Thanks so much all it is so good to have people in the know to talk to, this whole process feels pretty lonely and overwhelming otherwise. I phoned the nurse there who said not to worry I am early in the process and could stimulate for up to 17 days. She also said there could be follies that she can't even see yet but are there & could grow. Apparently the 8 follicles from day 2 are smaller Antral follicles so not the same thing? She also suggested pineapple juice so I'm on that too! And that my blood shows my estrogen levels are up quite a bit from day 5 which she thought was also positive? I am sat here working/crying, such an emotional time. Thanks for all your support X

  • Round 6, I only had 1 egg! Ironically, that's the round that worked!!!

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