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Ohss and pregnancy

Sorry for the long post in advance.

I have unfortunately spent the last 3 days in hospital after being admitted for sever ohss. I am happy to say I did have a positive beta hcg this morning. I was aloud out my on the condition that I keep an I on my fluid intake measure stomach daily and ring with results and weekly check ups. They have given me paracetamol and an anit sickness as well as blood thinners.

has any one ever had this if so how did you manage any tips greatly appreciated xx

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Amy sorry to hear you have been so ill and in hospital. I haven't had any experience of this myself but I just wanted to wish you all the best and hope you feel better soon. Am sure someone will be along soon with some good advice.

Congratulations on your positive test too. Very exciting! Take care of yourself xx


Hi, I was also admitted on my last cycle but only with moderate OHSS. Keeping up with fluids is the best thing you can do, I also suffered with digestive problems so eat well and if you struggle get lactolose from your GP! Take it easy and hopefully you will start to feel better soon!

Massive congratulations on your BFP x


Thank you, how long did it take you to feel better? X


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