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Turns out my ovaries are inlarged and some fluid, but baby fine at 4 and a half weeks and a heartbeat, but my bloating has gone so dunno how? But big ovaries? Haven't been drinking hardly any water mind and been really thirsty, I'm so worried now will it affect the baby? My hormones are sky high, they even thought twins but no, might wanna monitor my bloods now next few days? Lots of women get it but nervous now? Anyone had anything like this and lost the baby? Any advice? Thanks xx

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  • Have they given you any tips to get it down? Im massively bloated so think I may have a bit of this still,my friend had it after ivf so bad it hospitalised her she couldn't breath at all. She was 6 weeks pregnant at the time and she had a normal pregnancy & gave birth to a baby girl this year so try not to worry xx

  • Been admitted to hospital they were 8cm my ovaries, so worried what there gonna do got mild ohss, but my bloating has gone? Just gone back to work to nightmare xxx

  • I had mild late onset OHSS (yes, also after falling pregnant). They told me to eat loads of protein (incl milk products like Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese), salt and drink loads and it's coming down. My ovaries were still large on a scan too a week ago (when I was 4 weeks and a day. Good luck!

  • Been admitted to hospital I'm 4 and a half weeks gone 8cm ovaries measuring, haven't been drinking much water mind, how you found it? I thought it was over. So worried about the baby I have mild ohss xx

  • I called the hospital the day before my test as I was worried about the bloating. They had me come in, did blood work and a scan. Blood values were ok, ovaries enlarged but they said it would fix itself with above measures. Drinking 3 litres a day! I just told my boyfriend this morning that the bloating seems noticeably less today. Good luck, drink loads and eat protein and salt (crisps!) and you'll be fine!

  • I hope they sort you out asap, my friend had to have some sort of minor op to let the fluid out but it didn't harm the baby at all. She had it really bad though like I say so hopefully once they get some fluids in you they will come down xx

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