After FET symptoms.. worried nothing is happening inside

Hello. I've been really quiet as days seen like weeks and i tried not to bother people about my impatience and worries. I'm on day 3 past 6day embryo transfer. I had cramps yesterday on day 2. I was sure it was a good sign. Today I don't feel them. do they come and go. Please advise, I so much want to be a mum that I'm ready to bear any pain. what are the symptoms after FET πŸ˜”

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  • I had cramps around day 2/3 then again around day 11/12, very mild though. I also had some microscopic spotting around day 10/11 I think it was. I felt quite pre-menstrual actually! My boobs were their usual pre-menstrual sore but nothing more. I got my BFP 13 days post 6 day FET. I think everyone is different though, symptom spotting is a bugger! Doesn't really tell you anything! Best of luck x

  • Thanks dear. I guess I have to be patient and let the blood tests be the judge

  • The 2ww is so hard you have my sympathies. I actually didn't feel very many and that drive me nuts too! I did feel a bit crampy like AF was coming but I didn't have any spotting. One day I felt very dizzy and I honestly think that was the only clue the FET had worked.

    When is your test day? Good luck, I will keep everything crossed for you xx

  • Thanks Daisy, thats comforting to know that it could be happening even without the symptoms. I guess people are different. Test date is on the 2nd. I'm crossing fingers and toes & praying all the time

  • Didn't really have any symptoms - but one evening (think 9dp) tummy felt 'tight' (an unusual feeling) also felt slight metallic taste in my mouth. This was a FET with a BFP. Try not to worry and try to relax. Just forget about it and have a lovely Christmas πŸŽ„. Let's us know on the 2nd - good luck xx

  • Thanks Dolly . I'm really trying to have a good time & let time move by although it's difficult to ignore. will let you know on the 2nd

  • I had a FET and didn't have many symptoms apart from the occasional cramps. As everyone has said, the 2ww is a very difficult time to be patient because you are anxious to know what is happening inside you.

    I got my BFP and looking back now to my 2ww, there were hardly any symptoms.

    Please try and stay positive and be kind to yourself.

    Have a great Christmas x

  • I literally had a cramp once and a while but otherwise felt nothing. Didn't even get spotting until after the BFP. I think a lot of the nasty cramps some women get are to do with how rough they are with you on egg collection and transfer? We had an FET like you this time and my body had hardly any cramps at all after. I think its normal to feel nothing most of the time. I was worried I didn't have any cramps during implantation time but we got our BFP *Fingers crossed don't want to jinx it* but I do want to let you know you're not alone. I know it won't make you worry less but I hope it helps a bit to know you can still get your BFP with no symptoms. All of mine came a few days after :) fingers crossed for you xxx

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