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Good morning ladies, I hope you're all well.

Just a little up date on my precious pregnancy. Another appointment yesterday confirms my cervix has shortened again to 12m 😒. The Cyclogest is working and it's built up a mucus lining between my cervix and womb. The specialist has said they won't stitch me just yet because I'm high risk of infection and they need to make sure the sack is protected due to my waters breaking at 24 weeks last year. I'm on complete rest & go back next week for another scan, if my cervix is below 5m or started to open they will stitch me.

I'm just so happy I'm being looked after by the amazing staff at Liverpool women's, they do a fantastic job.

I'm just really worried for my little girl as you can imagine, I'm hoping her big sister sesame is looking down on us. I'll keep you all posted.

On a brighter note I'm loving all the BFP statuses 😍. I wish you all the best of luck & hope you all great Christmas xxx

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  • Spell check 😑, my little angel is Esmae xx

  • Hey Hun xx it's great you are getting such good care X now rest up! Praying all stays as it is, πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I am sure esmae will help to keep her little sister safe xx all the best to you now and for 2017! X

  • Thanks lovely, same to you 😘 X

  • I'm glad you're being looked after, Liverpool are amazing, I went there for a consult during my last pregnancy. I also suffer from cervix problems and know how scary each day is! Keep going and taking it easy!x

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