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Feeling Down

I had been feeling really positive up until today. I had my transfer done on Monday and been doing everything I can- rest, drinking loads of water, eating plenty of fruit and veg, but I just don't feel any different. I've had the odd bit of mild cramping but today I feel really weepy. Should I be feeling different by now or have any pregnancy symptoms. My test date is 26th, but couldn't help myself this morning. It was negative but is it too early? X

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Hey. It's so normal to feel like that. I felt the exact same throughout my 2 week wait. Some people don't get any symptoms at all so it's best to try and not symptom spot although I know how hard that is.

It's definitely far too early to be testing too. My advice would be to not buy any tests until your test date. Again I know how hard it is but you'll drive yourself insane with it.

Whatever the outcome it's out of your control now. So all you can do is get as much rest as possible, keep hydrated and stay positive.

Sending you lots of luck xxx


Thanks Amanda for your reply. I was being really positive up until today, just had a little wobble but back to bring positive thanks to my husband x


Hi Tonibrowne, I am in exactly same position as you, no cramps etc,my test is 25th! it's way to early now to test as implantation only happens day5-6 after transfer. I'm not feeling emotional today but have a stinking cold! We just have to wait it out and be positive! Try and Watch some comedy and cheer yourself up!! Xxxx

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Hi Londonrc thanks for your reply. It's so difficult isn't it especially when you just want a few symptoms! What a rubbish time of the year to be waiting for an answer too, especially if it's not the one we want. My husband took me out for lunch and tried to occupy me thus afternoon so I feel a little better now. Hope you feel better soon and good luck x


Hi ToniBrowne. It is so normal to feel so rubbish at this time. You're doing everything right, so try to hold off testing again until the correct time - easier said than done! Don't think you are going to feel any symptoms straight away, as many ladies don't. I always find that the most prominent one with my ladies is tiredness, before any others kick in. Good to hear that your DH is so supportive. Good luck and thinking of you. Diane


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