Egg collection done

I went in for EC early this morning. I was so nervous but when I woke up I couldn't remember much .They collected 11 .7 are good and the other 4 were not mature enough and embryologist is working on them.i got a call that they are also doing well.

I'm vomiting quite a lot .and feel very nauseatic and sleepy. Doc says it's normal but to call him if it gets worse. I start on cyclogest later this evening and I also got some antibiotics.hoping I feel better soon .😊😊

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  • 7 eggs is a good number to work with. Sorry your feeling sick tho, do they think is was the medication? Hope your feeling better soon. Good luck with your eggs grow well xx

  • The doc says the trigger injection was supposed to make me vomit. So maybe it's just kicked in now I'm not sure. I hope I get better .hate the feeling.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  • Hey Amylcollins my doc said it was the trigger injection that caused the vomiting .I'm ok now .I'm praying for good news about the eggs tomorrow. Thanks xx.hope you doing well too.

  • Good news for you, great number! Just be careful your I'll feeling doesn't get any worse. Could it be ovarian hyperstimulation?xx

  • Hey Cinderella I'm doing ok now .the vomiting has stopped. I even went out for a walk. If the vomiting starts again i will make an appointment to see my doctor .what are the other symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation?

  • Glad to hear that you're doing better! Here is a link. I'm sure it sounds fine if you have stopped being's a link.xx

  • Hi! I experienced post EC recovery this way. After the procedure my nurse asked me how I was feeling. I told her I had bad pain in both of my ovaries. I was feeling nauseous as well so she gave me an injection to make me less nauseous. We slowly walked back to the recovery room. My husband had pain medicine for me which was a hydrocodone 5 ml. Once I was feeling confident that I could walk, my husband helped me to the car. The ride home was hard because all the bumps really bothered me. The worst though was when I became nauseous and I threw up on the way home. :( This probably wouldn't have happened if I took the anti nausea medicine like was prescribed but I didn't have it on me so I took it afterwards.

    All that made me want my bed badly. I was very sore. The pain meds didn't sink in, however I was able to fall asleep. When I woke up I was able to eat part of a protein shake and take my pain medicine. I was getting better...

  • Hey Marmo I vomited a couple of times on my way home and when I got home.5 times to be precise. I felt so sick. I was ok a few hours later but still a bit drowsy. I even went for a walk and continued drinking lots of water .went to bed at my usual time and woke up feeling better today.thanks for sharing .xx

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