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Egg collection done! 6 eggs


Well that’s step one done... back home feeling much better than I thought and resting up in the September sun. We got 6 eggs, how do I feel? Delighted we got to this stage the 2nd time, disheartened it’s not more. But keeping my spirits up. We are doing a frozen cycle so we wait the call tomorrow and the 5days till Tuesday. I feel it could be an anxious wait and fingers crossed I know there’s a long way to go yet. X

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I my dear have everything crossed for you xx

amandac84 in reply to Noah1981

Thank you so much lovely. Hope you are doing ok xx

Good luck!!! Fingers crossed for you. Mine is tomorrow and they said 6 eggs so who knows!

amandac84 in reply to Jaygee

Good luck too!!

It is an anxious wait. Hopefully the first of many! Good luck xxx

Did they anticipate 6 or more or less? I am going tomorrow, just wondering...

amandac84 in reply to Lind58

They didn’t give me an anticipation to be honest. Good luck xx

Well done you! Good luck lovely xx

That’s great Amanda. 6 is a good number xx

Congratulations good luck over the next few days xx

6 is a good number, I got 6 last time and 5 made it to blastocyst. I then had a FET and now have a healthy baby boy so try not to feel to disheartened x

amandac84 in reply to E_05

Oh lovely congrats to you! And thank you xx

Wow! Amazing ... that’s great. Hope you are not in too much pain and get some good rest in the coming days.

Best of luck for the call tmw ... I’m just ahead on this journey with you ... a little anxious ... but all so worth it xx

amandac84 in reply to Kiers27

Aw how are you doing? Hope your ok xx

Well done you!!! Lots of good luck with your call tomorrow xxx

Great news! Fingers crossed you get more good news tomorrow xxx

Well done for getting to this stage😘😘I will be keeping everything crossed for you.

All the best of luck xx

I had my EC and had 5 eggs and 2 made it to blasto. Both on ice waiting for me to have them put back next Friday! Sending you lots of good vibes x

amandac84 in reply to Sisibaby

Oh yay exciting for you! How long did you have between EC and FET ? X

28 days x

You wait for your period and then it’s around 18 days after that, well it has been for me x

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