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Hi there went in this morning with just 2 follicles (21mm and 20mm) one on each ovary unfortunately we just got 1 egg as the 21mm had disappeared ??!!! Nothing in my right ovary??! I asked if it might have ovulated early but she didn't think so as the other was there and fine? Where can a 2cm follicle go from Monday's scan?!

But we have 1 and they are calling us this afternoon to let us know if they will fertilise it. If immature they will leave until tomorrow to fertilise. Then they will call tomorrow to let us know if ok to put back in Friday.

I know this could be the one and it only takes one but I can't help feeling sad. I'm also the most impatient person I know and hating waiting for this call.


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  • Round 6, I only had 1 follicle. I thought it was the end for us. Imagine our surprise when that lonesome egg developed into a little girl! Hopefully this little egg will be the winner.

  • I know it's hard! My EC is Friday and I only have a few good follicles. It only asked one so hang in there! Sending you positive vibes! try not to stress πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Hospital just called our one and only egg is mature and they have ICSI'd it! First hurdle done waiting for a call tomorrow morning now to see if it divides ......

    I hate waiting.

  • Stay strong blonde boo. It only takes one little bright shiny egg, which by the sounds of it you have.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world. X

  • Ooooooo yaaaaayyyyyy good luck only takes the one😘

  • Best of luck! Methods have come a long way and single embryo transfer is the favoured option these days anyway!!

  • What an emotional rollercoaster blondyboo, wishing your wee emby a fighting start xx

  • Just had a call, it doesn't look how they were hoping today, it was 'unclear' to see if it had started dividing. so we wait until tomorrow for another call to see if it's just slow or not working.

    More waiting.

  • Odd as it may sound some follicles don't contain eggs! Hope you are grttung better news today.

  • It was the follicle that was missing I know sometimes they can go to a follicle and there's no egg, but the follicle had gone and it was 21mm at the scan 2 days before. I wonder if it had ovulated early x

  • Hey good luck,and remember u only need one and also, it's the lucky one as it's had all your love and nutrients :) sending you lots of luck and hope

  • Oh i feel for you sweetie i had my ec yesterday and they only got 2 after telling me that they saw loads of folliciles on scan! and i know that waiting for that call is the longest wait ever! i will be praying for you sweetie heres hoping that it is a strong egg and will fertilise fingers crossed for you sweetie xxxx

  • HI LIz that was 3 months ago.. it didnt fertilise we are now on the waiting list for donor eggs x good luck with yours xx

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