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Really struggling at the moment

So it's been just over a week since our last failed cycle and I'm just so down. It hasn't helped because all my husband and I seem to do is argue. If I'm entirely honest, I just haven't felt that he has committed to getting pregnant as much as I have. I have completely changed my diet, exercise etc and have even dropped a day at work to minimize stress. He has changed nothing - his diet is terrible - lots of high fat and sugar foods. I have got to a stage where I just can't tolerate it anymore - I need him to commit to this as much as I am or I just don't see the point of staying together. I can appreciate that I am still very hormonal and probably shouldn't make any major decisions but I wondered if anyone else has had this kind of battle with their other half?

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Hey mrs sorry to hear you are still down..please please be kind and fair to yourself..a week is not long.if I am honest I am still down after our failed cycle..you talked of a holiday? And a wee break from ivf maybe focus on some nice things and try to remember what it is you love about each other.it is so easy to forget and to feel angry and frustrated as I do a lot at the moment..angry that our relationship has been dominated by infertility as it has been for so many of us on here. naturally men cannot do as much as us women given biology so it can be easy when feeling low to feel the way you are about your partner..I have felt that way too sometimes. As I said be kind to yourself..it hasn't been long and you will be all over the place emotionally and if like me bloody Xmas tunes everywhere isn't helping. I am turning to wine and Turkey and banning any baby chat for the hols to focus on fun, family, friends and lots of laughter. Take lots of care and don't make decisions while feeling the way you do xxxxx


Fab advice. Christmas is not easy for any of us xx

Keep going like Vic said you are all over the place try to focus on fun - having a laugh with each other. I found having a plan on what to do next helped me... organising another go but thats just me. I like to have that hope in me that there is still a chance and this was just not my time xx

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Thanks so much for the advice. I am just feeling so tired and demotivated and it means that my tolerance level is low. Thanks for giving me a bit of perspective xxxx

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