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I'm really struggling atm we had one failed cycle at beginning of February and I was devastated for a few days then seemed fine but now I'm finding every single day hard. We are only 25 and there is nothing wrong with my fertility but he has basically nothing I don't like talking to him too much as he feels guilty for putting me through it all (he isn't a big talker anyways) and everyone j talk to either both has problems or older, just can't find someone my age who relates :( x

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Hi Lotbot. I am 26 - 27 tomorrow and in a similar situation. I have no fertility problems, but my partner had cancer and thank god he is ok now, but the treatment killed off his ability to make sperm cells. He has 2 daughters from a previous relationship (so he was fine and fertile before he got ill) but he was able to store some sperm before his treatment began. So, because of this we are having to have IVF. Also, because he has 2 children already, we get no funding or help at all.

I'm here to talk whenever you want because it is very difficult to find someone our age going through this. PM me if you want. But all the wonderful ladies on here are so understanding and even though we are all going through IVF for different reasons, everyone is so supportive xxxx


This is exactly the story of my best friend and her hubby don't give up hope she's 17 weeks gone now after successful Icsi I myself had failed icsi atho I had problems as well as my ex husband you will get through it just takes some time, I had problems with my tubes after leaving my ex and meeting my partner now I went private to have cysts removed from my ovary I then woke from the op to have the doc say he performed tubular surgery something I was told couldn't be done to my tubes I had an ectopic in may and further surgery on the tube that is left after an hsg test in Jan we r now hoping that we will concive naturally I'm on my second cycle trying to relax but it's so hard please don't give up hope my friend done a lot of reflexology and acupuncture through her icsi she believes this helped her xx


I will have to look into reflexology and acupuncture I have got some counselling arranged in a few weeks I just feel my self getting more depressed by it all. Thanks xx


It is such a struggle and so emotional I still struggle every day I just hope that after years of feeling that there was no hope now i have a bit of hope I know we still might need ivf but I'm hoping that after all the ops I've had and failed ivf there will be a little bit of hope for us, good luck on ur journey and I really hope you will soon be sharing the news of a baby with us all xxx


Hi there I have pretty much the same problem I know how you feel. My partner also doesn't talk much. It's very frustrating. I'm 26. If you need to talk I'm here 😊 x


Hello lotbot, I would definitely recommend seeing a counsellor. I did this and it's made a huge difference to how I feel. The whole situation can be completely overwhelming and leave you feeling very isolated. Counselling has helped me to feel a lot calmer and have more clarity of thought.

As well as counselling I also started tai chi as it really helps you relax (yoga and Pilates are similar). My husband and I go together. I've also had acupuntute and reflexology which relax you and are nice 'treats'. It all feels very 'new age' which is not me at all but it's important to look after yourself and try to do things that take your mind off it.

Take care x x x


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