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Hi everyone, I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I am feeling sicky all day long and even worse from about 6pm all through the night. I've had IVF and ended up with ohss which is still there and I still have a lot of fluid, I've wanted this for so long and don't want to complain but this sickness and constipation combined is really getting me down. I'm trying to eat regularly and drink as much as I can but I'm finding it really difficult, I've always just ate when I'm hungry. Any advice would be so welcome, thanks for listening to me go on! X

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  • Hi my lovely! Congratulations! I'm 7 weeks pregnant too, following our sencond round of IVF.

    For constipation I'm on Lactulose. It's a sugar solution that's doesn't enter your blood stream. Your body tries to break it down by throwing water at it...this makes for soft normal poops! Phone your clinic and check it's ok with them. Then you can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy. My clinic recommended 20mls twice a day to get things moving. Now, after 3 weeks on it, I'm able just to use 20mls every evening. It's amazing stuff.

    For all day sickness I find snacking all day is all that helps me. I find not allowing myself to get truly hungry with an empty stomach makes a difference. Whenever I'm hungry the nausea is so much worse. Sounds contradictory, but I also find I feel worse if I'm full! It's like having a hangover! Munch all day! I've yet to find the best healthy foods to keep nausea at bay. I currently munch on baby belle cheeses, Metcalfes skinny popcorn, buttered toast, fruit, hula hoops (ooops) and ginger biscuits (ooops again!)

    Hope this helps!


  • I was the same , it's completely normal,sounds like the pregnancy is healthy .

    I was still throwing up at 32 weeks , and it does seem like you have a permanent hangover . I carried dry biscuits with me everywhere

    It does get you down , and like yourself I felt guilty after everything we had been through to get pregnant. Sounds bad to say now but I even had thoughts like , I hope nothing happens to this pregnancy because I don't know whether I could do this again ! That's how bad I felt .

    But it's so worth it when you get your bundle of joy . Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • I felt exactly the same and also had bad OHSS. The good news is it does pass I was about 14 weeks when it did. Ginger biscuits were my friend during that time lol. It's horrible feeling like that but does get better, promise 😊 x x

  • Thanks so much for your comments, they really do help. I've invested in some sickness bands and they actually seem to take the edge off which is good and will be doing all of the suggestions! X

  • Hi Charl_ivf. Oh dear - not nice! When you can, try some Fybogel to help prevent constipation, or Lactulose if you can't face drinking the Fybogel. You're doing everything you can, bless you, so hopefully you won't have to suffer too much longer. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, I have the lactulose, couldn't stomach the fibrogel, it doesn't seem to be helping yet though. I have a horrible pressure pain feeling when I sit down or walk, I think it may be a combination of a whopper of an ovary and constipation, I hope it eases soon, thanks for the advice :-) x

  • Hi Charl_ivf. If your ovaries are still swollen, which it does seem they are, it will hurt as your poo passes by. It will get better so hang on in there. The first trimester for some can be awful. Better days are coming! Thinking of you! Diane

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