Ivf in numbers

Countless blood tests, dr appts and scans

91 folic acid tablets

37 injections

21 antibiotics

15 progesterone pessaries

2 surgeries


1 BFP!!

We are beyond thrilled especially as i thought that it hadn't worked. Im also thinking about all you lovely ladies who weren't successful - you will be one day just hold on to hope. Bfn or bfp you are all beyond amazing xxx

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  • Congratulations hun so happy for you!!! I am currently 4 days past my 3 day transfer. Did you get any symptoms? I feel like it's not working x

  • I didn't feel anything apart from sore boobs at first. Bit of cramping mid way but convinced myself it was in my head then got some brown discharge at 8dp3dt which stopped after a morning. I dont think you can tell either way. The wait is awful but try not to test early if the hospital could tell before the otd they would xx

  • It's true!! I'm getting like ovulation pain I don't know if that's normal. It's on my right ovaryy. I guess I will just have to wait x

  • Congratulations! Fab news! November really does seem to be the lucky month lots of bfps compared to last month x

  • Thanks! Cant help but feel for those that had their negatives though its all down tp a bit of luck.... xx

  • Great news!! Congrats!

    It looks impressive in numbers. Wish you luck xx

  • Thanks i know! I worked it out last night... crazy what we do to get pregnant xx

  • Congratulations 🎉Great to hear about another positive, my OTD is next week so I soooo hope I'm adding to that 🙏🏻 Xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Congratulations to you!! What an awesome way to announce it!! I wish you all the best through your pregnancy xxx

  • Awesome news.... very creative way of announcing your BFP!

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