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Embryo transfer

This might be a silly question but trying to roughly figure out when my embryo transfer day might fall as my consultant has said egg retrieval is likely to be next Wednesday.... so say if you have a 3 day transfer do you count day 1 from the egg retrieval day, or is it the day after egg retrieval day...? hope my question makes sense! and what's the difference between 3 day and 5 day embryo transfer?

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A day 3 transfer would be on Saturday, day 5 Monday. I'm not sure about the difference, other than 5 days gives them more time to observe how the embryos are developing. Makes it easier for them to decide which is best. X


thanks annon1!x


It could depend on if your clinic do transfers on Saturdays?

For our first round, the collection was Friday 23rd January and day 3 was the Monday and day 5 was Wednesday 28th.

This time round on our treatment plan, because the collection is due on a Wednesday, we would be looking at day 2 on the Friday or day 5 on the Monday.

Some people say it's better to have them put back in sooner and then others say it's better to have blastocyst.

I was slightly nervous at letting them go to blastocyst, but had to trust the experts and I'd read that in natural cycles, at day 3 the fertilised egg is still travelling down the tube, whereas at day 5 it is in the uterus.

Its probably best to call your clinic to ask what they do...not worth the worry or stress of second guessing?



thanks hollibob, yes I think I will speak to them today and clarify. I think they mentioned it at my last appointment but there is quite a lot of information to take in! x


The next day is day one hon


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