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Follow Up Scan

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well... somthecwife had anothervscan this morning after being told on wedensday to up her dosage of menapur ( on wedensday folicle amount was 14), so we started using the dosage. Today's scan revealed 4 out of 12 are now at 12m, the others are still small. So we have been advised to take the sentratide ( I think that's ho it's spelt) today.

However, diringvthecscan, they noticed a "polip" which will need to be removed. EC is still due to go ahead at some point next week. ( next scan and blood test on Tuesday) , however although the fertilisation will still take place as scheduled, they have suggested the embryos will have to be frozen. Just so the wife's "polup" can be removed, recover and then go back for ET at a later date

( hopefully within days though rather than weeks).

Has anyone had anything simular? I read that frozen embies have a good success rate too.

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Hi sanj76 . Sounds like you and your wife are making good progress, lots of follicles and starting the Cetrotide. My embryos have gone to freeze as I'm waiting for tubes to be blocked so can't comment on success of FET. But I unexpectedly had a polyp removed on Wednesday. It was done by hysteroscopy and quick and pain free (just some cramping), no anaesthetic needed. I've seen there are other ladies on here who have gone though similar and had FET.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your reply... one of the follicles are at 14m so we have to wait to hear from our IVF clinic as they could decide to do EC on Monday. However my wife got the impression from the nurse today that FET may be done now in a couple of months now. I guess will just have to take each day as it comes.

Wishing you the very best of luck too


Another couple of days should do the trick and help the others catch up. I know it's frustrating when you're keen to get on, have a timeline in place then find another hurdle. I was supposed to have my tubes blocked on weds but have to go back next month and then wait 3 months for FET! So disappointing. But it's best that we are in top-top condition for FET. Fingers crossed for your EC.


Thank you... yes it's frustrating but this is not the type of thing that we should rush into

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Hi sanj,

I have had polyps removed twice. The last one was noticed during a Scan to assess the thickness of my lining pre the FET. Yes I was disappointed but looking at it positively, after the op my womb lining was lovely and ready for transfer. My hypo was done under GA.

It took 7 weeks in total from referral to having the op and then my clinic recommend I wait two periods before FET.

Oh and my Fet was successful, I have a gorgeous baby girl 😀

Best wishes for a BFP



That's very encouraging. Thank you


Thank you for responding.... the more I read, the more me and the wife are thinking this could be a blessing. I've read alot about FET and the success stories are greater. Yes it's frustrating but if we get what we originally set out to achieve then we will be happy beyond anything. We will be hearing from the clinic this afternoon in reference to the blood test taken this morning, so we'll get a better idea


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