Second scan !

So I had my second scan today and my follicles are 12 and 10mm and they need to be at 18mm so my dosage has been incresed for the next 3 days to see if it helps them grow bigger...tad nervous incase they don't grow big enough πŸ€” next scan Monday so we will soon find out other than that I'm where i need to be and have the follicles there just need to be bit bigger...hopefuly i will have egg collection some time this week get the ball rolling 😊

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  • That happened to me Tara and I was so worried that they wouldn't grow but with the increased meds they catched up in no time and I'm sure you will be the same xxx

  • Aww did urs catch up yeh? The nurses said that mine should so I'm hoping they do πŸ˜• I'm on 300 menopour now did they have to increase ur meds also ? Xx

  • Yep they literally doubled my dose of Merinol and within the week I had not only grown more but they had grown bigger too. I panicked initialky, thinking it was game over but it was absolutely the best thing. Sometimes a bit of tweaking is all it needs xxx

  • Hi Tara, we are in the same boat. I had my second scan today and had 10 follicles between 10mm-12mm and I had roughly 10 follicles below 10mm too. They put me on a higher dosage after my first scan (Wednesday) and they have told me to continue on the higher dosage over the weekend. My next scan is on Monday. Fingers crossed for both our follicles to continuing growing over the weekend!! xx

  • When I went in for my first scan on Wednesday, I only had 3 follicles over 10mm, which is why they increased my dosage. But since Wednesday I now have 10 over 10mm, so I'm hopeful that over the next 3 days they will all continue to grow like they did the past two days. My nurses seemed positive and not worried, so I feel relaxed... (well, as relaxed as you can be during the ivf process!!) xxx

  • Hi sorry now replying I been so busy in work I hope that u have the results needed if their growing that fast I'm sure u will be fine fingers crossed for uxx

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