5 week scan :-)

This morning my husband and I went over to our fertility clinic and they happily gave us a scan :-) it didn't show much just what looked like a tiny dot but it's there our baby is fine and all is as it should be :-) no words can describe how happy we both our and I can finally relax for the next few weeks. We are due to go back next Thursday for a 6 week scan and I cannot wait. Apparently the bad pains I have been having are normal along with what they have said could be me stressing so I intend to take things easier now that my mind has been put at ease and I know we are finally on our way to becoming parents 😊 x

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  • Brilliant πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • 😁😁😁

  • That's wonderful news!! :)

  • Thank you, feel like I am walking on air 😊

  • Yaaaaayyyyy x

  • Glad everything is ok xx

  • You will see such a difference at next scan, even just a week later! When I had my 7 week at last pregnancy I was amazed :) only 12 days to wait till my 1st scan...Jeezo! x

  • I know they said I would see a huge difference, such an amazing experience 😁 ahh that's brill not long to wait im sure you are super excited 😊 xx

  • Glad they were able to reassure you. Lovely that you got a scan too!

  • Thank you :-) I know wasn't expecting them to scan me so when they did it was amazing :)

  • Hi Rach_87. Just wait until you see your little bean's heartbeat - amazing! Β Hope all goes well with the pregnancy and birth. Β Diane

  • Fantastic :-)Β 

  • You're so lucky. I'm still waiting on my first scan which is tomorrow and by then I will be 8+4! I hope everything is still going smooth with yourself and all the best for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Thank you :-) we have had a scan every week and the difference each week is mind blowing, our fertility clinic is going to scan us every week until our 12 week scan. I'm sure you are so excited for tomorrow 😁 wishing you all the best for a healthy pregnancy 😊 xx

  • Thank you. May I ask if there's a reason for the weekly scans or if it's just something your clinic offers to everybody? It sounds really reassuring and must make you so much more relaxed. :-)

  • They must offer it, wasn't expecting to be scanned every week but yea it definitely reassures me 😊 I do get nervous when they are about to scan but so far so good 😊

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