What kind of hormones???

Hi ladies, I was doing really well and not stressing but both Tuesday (cos I thought I was starting to spot but it was hardly anything at all) and today I've been triggered to tears (today by the Heathrow Christmas ad with old teddies - oh my goodness I'm hopeless!)

My question is, could this be from the progesterone I'm taking? Rather than PMT? I've had moments the last few days where I've just felt overwhelmingly happy so just wondering if anyone else has had challenges keeping their bottom lip from wobbling during the 2WW??

Thanks lovelies


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  • Don't want to build your hopes up but in my experience feeling like that is normally pregnancy hormones fingers crossed x

  • I had mood swings during my 2ww too. I think it's a mixture of everything as everyone has different pregnancy symptoms. Try not to read into the symptoms too much as it will drive you crazy.

    I hope you get your BFP. Fingers crossed!x

  • Hi sipidania. Well you've been through treatment, you're on progesterone and in the 2WW. This is well going to mess with your hormones, teddy ad or not. You're doing OK, so lip wobble away and wishing you HUGE luck. Diane

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