Chemicals in beauty products affecting hormones

I really don't want to scare people with this post, but...

My colleague informed me about an app called 'think dirty' basically it's an app which shows the ingredients and chemical content in all types of products we use on our bodies.

I changed my deodorant a few years back and my makeup became I have very sensitive skin, and was reacting to most products, but having been on this app I'm horrified that my shampoo has a lot of chemicals in it even though it's a relatively clean product it's the fragrances which contain the chemicals!

I've since gone through my cupboards frantically checking everything and sighed with relief when my oils and makeup came up as a clean product!

So here's my question, how much does this affect fertility and hormones and how many of you have already made the change to organic products and noticed a difference in your hormones and fertility?

I've now been out and switched my shampoo and deodorant to a carbon neutral and paraben free products but can't help but think have I contributed to my fertility issues by just innocently using beauty products that I've used for years having not questioned it before!

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  • Morning :) Yes I know what you mean, however you do have to consider all the chemicals that we're exposed to every day that we literally have no control over (petrol fumes, second hand tobacco smoke, chemicals in food etc). Like you I changed my beauty routine, aluminum free deodorant, got rid of all my face washes, creams etc. I now use dove bar soap to wash my face and sweet almond oil as a moisturiser. I use original source shower gel as it's vegan and my reflexologist said that my normal shower gel was leaving chemical traces in my body. I also use paraben free shampoo and don't use conditioner or hair dye anymore. My skin and hair have never been better!! I might have a look at that app, sounds interesting. I'm always careful not to get too obsessive (though it sounds like I already am!! 😁) xxx

  • I agree to the environmental factors we can't know what we're exposed to and I'm not one to obsess over things but living a cleaner life I feel may just be helpful for all things really, I've changed a few things but won't be changing everything to 100% natural as it's impossible with some things! It's nice to know what others have done and if they've seen a benefit though!

  • I think we are all guilty of blaming ourselves with the multitude of "what ifs". I'm not sure if any of it makes a difference ( people fall that do far worse) but if it makes you feel better and gives you further hope then do it xoxo

  • Yes absolutely I've only just now questioned it, had a miscarriage at 5 weeks almost 7 weeks ago now and I never got to that point of obsessing over things although I made sure my diet was spot on for the cycle, but we'll never know what makes these things happen anyway

  • I'm so sorry for your loss.i have just had a miscarriage too so I know the pain you speak of. I have questioned why it happened t is after six years of trying. I seriously doubt it is anything you or I did wrong and we mustn't blame ourselves. I wish there were answers. xoxo

  • Thanks for sharing - I fitness quite obsesssed about eating organic and not using products with chemicals in - even started making my own but I don't think it made any difference to my eggs or regularity of my periods. Still eat organic where possible and try to reduce chemical intake but not obsessing about it now xx

  • Yes as you say a healthy diet and fitness is important, im not going to go crazy or obsess but little changes may make a difference, I've been told if your hormones don't align then it's almost impossible to catch naturally unfortunately I suffer with raynauds syndrome and anxiety which don't help my hormones align at all!

  • I read it starts with the egg and it has so much about affects of products - it was a bit overwhelming. I try to use paraben free shower gel now and have stopped wearing perfume but felt there is only so much I can do. X

  • This is great, I've just switched to paraben free shampoo, conditioner and body lotion/oil the brand is called Sukin, I highly recommend the body oil it's so lovely and free of all chemicals, I know there's only so much we can do and I still eat some processed foods but a little bit at a time to gradually live a little cleaner may help!

  • Yes, that's probably the best way to do it - I'll look up Sukin! X

  • I went with the sulphate and paraben free shampoo and deodorant from body shop and dropped everything else apart from cocoa butter moisturiser. Felt that the shampoo was stripping my hair of every oil it had but then realised I don't need to shampoo it every day and it was all the rubbish in the other shampoos and conditioners that made my hair feel greasy after a day.

    I have severe food allergies and never quite got to the bottom of those but know that preservatives and sulphites definitely set me off in a batch of hives.

    I don't know what effect it had on fertility but for me it was easy to cut out so did, as I wanted to feel I'd done everything possible.

  • I'm hoping I'll see a change with my shampoo I don't regularly wash it anyway but lately I've noticed it's not in great condition so the new brand I've switched to may help it a little! I'm the same I switched a few things years ago because of my skin so for me to switch a few more won't hurt because it'll help me sensitive skin in the long run anyway, it's so interesting to see what people have and haven't changed

  • I do try to be paraben free but some of the shampoos do nothing for my hair! Anyone found some good stuff? Some of the things you'd think are 'clean' such as Sanex come up really toxic on that site! X

  • Yes I'm aware a few things you think are clean really aren't and the toxicity levels are quite high on that app, I have researched a little further on some of my products, I'm switching to Sukin it's an Australian make you can get it on TK Maxx website I highly recommend the body oil it's beautiful, have yet to try everything else it's arriving shortly but have used the shampoo and body lotion in work with a child I care for who's skin was very fragile and delicate and his hair and skin always look well nourished, I also use burts bees products too

  • I most definitely think these things have an impact on our hormones ( I think the whole industry knows these things but is not bothered because every one is, making money at the end of the day) we've been exposed to all these toxins plastics pesticides all throughout our lives and it most definitely has an affect on hormones I'm completely convinced. You'll never get a doctor trying to balance your hormones naturally because there's money to be made through synthetic drugs it's a gold mine industry. it's all about doing own research and big life changes iv battled with hormones for years and I believe that cfs has a big part to play in hormones. Im trying my best to get rid of all the rubbish in my home so the app you recommend is much appreciated iv changed my cleaning products food don't wash my face with anything but coconut oil and body brush my skin every day. Got a patch in the garden to grow veggies mother in law helps me as I'm new to it all. I'm thinking to find a naturpath to work with if I can't get myself sorted in next few months. I think we live in a world where they create our problems and make money of them especially over here in the west. I think a lots out of our control. I didn't realise how important our hormones were and how much they control our bodies until my auntie passed away of phaeocromocytoma a tumor on the adrenal gland she was 35 Ever since then I researched loads not that I fully understand everything but the fact that it's a hereditary form and the fact she's the only one out of my big family that had endometriosis and me and two cousins are the only ones that have endo also in our family. Drives me to research these things. I'm sorry I went of topic and a bit political. It's what I believe and the big industry's of this world wind my brain cells up. If I wasn't so used to this part of the world and wouldn't miss my family. I'd go live somewhere where I could live of the land population was small and there was known of the rubbish we have over here. Sorry for rant ladies. Wish you all the very best on your journeys xxx 😘

  • I've worked in haircare for over a decade and 'sulphate free ' can be a marketing ploy in some products, especially if bought from a supermarket as they replace sulphites with another cleansing ingredient of equal strength, same with hair colour, no ammonia is replaced by something similar just a marketing spin to get us to buy. That said, each to their own with regard to what you put on your body (I have friends more scared about cancers triggering lymph nodes using metal can deodorants) and if you feel it's going to help you must try.

    What goes in to your body is much more important, have a look at the alkaline diet, this has been linked to many health improvements and easy to change your eating habits too if you aren't already following a cleaner lifestyle

  • Thank you so much for the info, I've changed my deodorant because of the cancerous concerns a few years back, it's interesting to know about the hair products though, I thought if I stuck to something organic at least it's a little better than some! Alkaline diet sounds interesting, I'll have a look thanks 🙂

  • Like the other ladies have said you have to do what you think is right for you. I took and tried loads of different things over my years TTC all with hope in mind. My only bit change was dropping sugar, caffeine and increasing my veg intake in the year running up to my conception. Treat yourself well on the journey it can be very tough xx

  • Thanks for the info on the app. I will check it out!

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I agree with what you and others have said about all the harmful chemicals and the beauty industry profiting whilst knowing that they are potentially causing harm. I think, like one of the other ladies said, it's all about making money so corporations just don't care. It's a sad state of affairs.

    After three losses and now struggling to conceive, I have stopped using all chemicals or plastic in the house, only organic beauty products, no more hair dye etc. I have done this for almost two years now and whilst I think it's better for me not to be putting all these chemicals into my body, I'm not pregnant!

    I think it has felt like these things, and others; I've had no alcohol, limited caffeine, no 'dirty food' etc. Have held me to ransom for a long time as I was blaming myself, feeling resentful that I can't do 'normal' things anymore, like everyone else (my sisters house is full on chemicals all the way and she's got four kids!) feeling guilty if I ever did anything I wasn't supposed to I.e. Wear a squirt of perfume, have a cup of coffee.

    I know that stress and anxiety can have a huge impact on your hormones, especially if it's ongoing...which mine has been! So, I suppose it's trying to get that balance...not beating yourself up and blaming yourself for everything...easier said than done, I know! Xx

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