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Endometrial scratch or E-Freeze trials?

Hi everyone,

After TTC for about 18 months, my husband and I are due to start our ICSI course in January.

We're currently wondering about whether to take part in any research trials and would really appreciate knowing if anyone has had experience of these or knows anything more?

The two we're eligible for are the Endometrial Scratch and E-Freeze (you don't have a fresh transfer, instead all your embryos are frozen and you wait 4 weeks before implanting).

Any experience of these would be very much appreciated as we go through the patient info.

Thank you and good luck to all xXx

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My fiance and I are about to start IVF and were offered the E-Freeze trial. We haven't signed up for it though - I like the idea of letting your body go back to normal but I don't think I could stand to wait a few months for the implanting. I dont know anyone who has done it so I'm intrigued to see if anyone on here has been through it.

good luck with ICSI xx


Hi Busybee88. Decisions, decisions! Most ladies I have dealt with, have opted for the endo scratch, if advised to, a couple of months prior to a fresh cycle and freezing any extra embryos created. However,it has been noted that women who suffer hyper stimulation while undergoing IVF, that are too poorly to have embryo transfer, have been more successful with FET on a natural cycle once all settles down again. I think that this is where the theory originated from. I'm sure once you have been through your patient info, you will be able to have a good chat with your consultant, who will give you his/her best advice. HUGE luck with whatever you do decide. Diane


Thank you both for your comments, so much to think about!

I think we're currently swaying away from taking part in either at the moment but we've got some time to think about it.

Best of luck to you xXx


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