Pain in shoulder/neck

Hi all,

I had an embryo transfer yesterday so now I'm paranoid to do anything I would normally do to get rid of above.

I've had pain in my right shoulder and neck since last Thursday and it effects my sleep. Anything I can do?

My acuptunturist won't do anything as it'll disalinge my fertility points and going to a osteopath etc I think be bad idea x

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  • I was told it was fine to take paracetamol by my clinic. It might be worth doing some relaxation exercises as it could be due to stress, I often get aches round my shoulder blade/neck when I'm anxious. My osteopath said to do shoulder rolls, chain of office etc to help ease the pain/discomfort, initially these might feel like they cause more aches but with more it helps me.

  • Thanks Hun. What's a chain of office though?! X

  • I expect you can Google it but simply put you move your head/neck slowly and gently as though you were looking at each link a Mayoral chain of office from one side of your body to the other and back.

  • DianeArnold do you know if I could see an osteopath or is it safer not to? Thanks

  • Hi allieb21. If you can wait it would be safer to wait until you have tesdted. Seeing a chiropractor/osteopath could result in much pulling about and "weird" positions. Hope it soon settles down. Keep your next warm, paracetamol, but no anti-inflammatoies such as ibuprofen. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi thanks Diane. Feels bit better so hoping it will just go! Much appreciated

  • Hi. Of course I did mean "neck"! Must be shopping in my head!! Glad it is starting to feel better. often these things clear up in 48hrs. Diane

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