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New to the forum...raft of infertility probs ☹️️

Hi all. I'm new to this forum.

After numerous fertility tests (and age is not on my side seeing as I'm in my early 40s) not only do I have an under active thyroid (which I'm on meds for), it was discovered during a recent lap & due that my tubes are blocked and I supposedly have a subseptate uterus. Not sure why that wasn't noticed in previous ultrasounds tho?

Have got a consultant meet early next month and am not expecting him to be overly 'positive' about me conceiving even with IVF.

Would love to hear some positive stories or advice as I'm feeling very down about the whole thing ☹️️

Thank you

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What's a substitute uterus? ivf can work miracles hun don't give up hope x


I've had to google it as I wasn't very 'with it' when the consultant who did the lap & dye spoke to me - fertility.ca/my-diagnosis/l...

I'm hoping as it wasn't seen during previous ultrasounds it's a minor one but it just feels like one thing after another currently 😒

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Doesn't say embryo can't implant just that it can be harder so I would say you got good chance of it working it maybe that it takes a bit longer to fall pregnant.....and they never picked it up before only severe cases are spotted easily, so yours maybe very mild xx

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Thank you - really appreciate the support x


Subseptate not substitute!


Hello we're 33 weeks today after 5 years ttc with very low sperm motility, a single ovary and me having Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

And I'm on the wrong side of 30 😂

Miracles happen Hun ❤️🍀🙏



Good to know thank you & congratulations xx


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