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Can PMS be linked to infertility?


Hi all, the above question has been doing my head in for the past 3 years. I have never had to take a pregnancy test as I know a week before my period is due that it is coming. Even during the IVF, despite all the hormones, I had PMS and I knew early that it didn’t work. Are you feeling PMS before each period? Have you come across of any info about its links with infertility?

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Hi Kari

I’m glad you’ve said this as I’m exactly the same. I grieve each month way before my period comes as, like you, I just know it’s coming. I’ve known during both my treatment cycles too. We’re trying a new clinic soon for a second opinion as I’m convinced there’s something going on inside that we don’t know about!

I’d be really interested to know if anyone has seen any links between PMS and infertility x

Kari55 in reply to Franco81

Hi Franco81, sorry to hear that you are also experiencing the PMS and know each month that it has not happened. It can really play havoc with emotions. I have tried different foods, acupuncture and reflexology and whilst all helped to slightly reduce the amount of PMS days but none managed to eliminate it totally. Please let me know if your new clinic tells you something insightful about this. Let’s hope that others on the forum will have some good info too.

I have really bad PMS (PMDD) and I wondered the same thing. My consultant said it’s likely caused by high levels of progesterone, which she said from a fertility perspective is a good thing.

Just wanted to add that I get bad pms and I was still successful through IVF. I even felt the same as I do before my period and thought the cycle hadn’t worked. Hope other ladies can let you know their experience too. Good luck with everything xx

Always good to hear success stories! Thank for this xx

I get bad pmt too. It makes me feel quite rough despite only bleeding a small amount but I also had it on my two bfp cycles of ivf and I was convinced they hadn’t worked xx

Kari55 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks for replying and good luck with your pregnancy! Fingers crossed one day I feel like that too and get BFP xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Kari55

I’m not pregnant sadly. Both of my bfps were missed miscarriages. I have an appointment at a new clinic tomorrow for a consultation to start a new round xx

Kari55 in reply to Tugsgirl

Oh no, I’m terribly sorry :( I wish you strength and luck xx

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