Hi, i just wondered if any of you lovely ladies thats had acupunture could tell me where they have placed the needles on you when your reciving treatment for IVF?

Just when ive been researching them i found a male acupunturist 😕

I know its stupid to worry about what parts of my body a person will be seeing and i know it wont be intimate areas.

Any how thanks in advance

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  • Hey, iv had it on my legs, stomach and back. Sometimes I would just have my knickers on but I would take some shorts with me. I had to take my top off aswell so I just had myy bra on. Xx

  • Thank you for your reply at least i know what to expect a bit more and can get myself phyiced up lol xx

  • I've just finished an ivf accupuncture package and each time I had needles in different places depending on far on you are with treatment. I guess every one is different but places I had them was stomach, legs, feet, hands, ears, nose and my head. Not all at once tho.

  • Oh god if it was all at once you would be like a hedgehog.

    Thank you for your help xx

  • Lol no worries hun good luck x

  • Thank you , good luck to you on your 2 ww xx

  • Mainly feet, legs, hands, elbow, forehead. Couple times in tummy but stopped once I started injections. X

  • Thank you for your help xx

  • Acupuncture is quite risky. I heared it works well but make sure to do it only with certified professionals, because it can backfire pretty heavy. Although it helps a lot with bloodflow and stuff so it can be just what you need.

  • Ive done my reasearch, i certainly wouldnt go to anyone without qualifcations as i dont like needles at the best of times lol x

  • Hey, I had acupunture in my last cycle (from a male) and they put pins mainly in my tummy area (below my tummy button in a line), one wrist and one foot. Had a few other randoms ones put in my chin and legs too. I must say I did enjoy it, found it relaxing after the first session but that was just my nerves. Ive just started my second cycle and have chosen a new acupunturist that specialises in fertility so have my first appointment this afternoon. She sounds very thorough and wants to do a full medical history so I can let you know how i get on later if it helps?! The way I see it as they are professionals in their own field and Im sure they've seen all sorts so if they arent bothered then why should I be!x

  • Thank you, im such a stress head im figuring anythings worth a shot now just to relax a little lol.

    Good luck with your appointment and please let me know how u got on xx

  • Hey, I got on good today! I got asked pretty much a full medical history beforehand, was really thorough. Had needles placed in similar positions to previous treatment. Feet, ankles, uterus area in a triangle, then into my hands. She said they will vary from week to week but overall I thought it went well! Just trying everything I can to get a good outcome. She told me I should be eating plenty of red meat, eggs and chicken in preparation!xx

  • Thank you for letting me know. Im glad your treatment went well today.

    Yes thats excatly how i feel too everything is worth a go.

    Good luck with your treatment xx

  • You too my lovely!xx

  • Hi Crazy_cat - I had my needles in my wrists, knees, ankles and big toe I think... wasn't that long ago but I can't really remember! haha You live quite close to me so it may be the same guy... I will send you a message x x x

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