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Fertility acupunture


Has anyone tried fertility acupuncture? When is it best to start? I'm about to start my 2nd round of IVF.

I asked the consultant and he seemed quite in favour of it, if not for scientific reasons, simply to help with relaxation. I've seen a pic of the only guy that does it near me and I'm not sure having him stick needles in me is perhaps going to help me to relax!

Willing to try anything x

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I tried it but it wasn't for me. But I know some people really enjoy it. I think start a month before you start meds is best but I guess really you could start any time. It can only do good

I had it for my last cycle and am starting again tomorrow for my next cycle. I start down reg on Thursday. I was advised to try and start at the beginning of your cycle if you can afford to but if not it's good to have around EC and ET. Not sure if your doing a fresh of frozen cycle? X

Lamorna80 in reply to E_05

Thank you. Fresh cycle. They didn't get the meds quite right first time so although I had good quality eggs, there weren't enough eggs to make them worth freezing.

E_05 in reply to Lamorna80

Oh okay sorry to hear that, hopefully this cycle will bring lots of success. I had Acupunture for my first fresh cycle to but it wasn't fertility where as last cycles was and would definitely recommend using someone who specialises in fertility. I've found it to really help with my anxiety. Good luck for whatever you do decide to do xx

Hi, I had acupuncture all way through my cycle. I started about a month before I started my injections and all way through until I found out I was pregnant at end of 2WW. I had extra sessions during collection and transfer. It cost £45 for 45 mins so not cheap, but I found it really helped me to relax and focus at the same time. I also used to come out yawning loads and often slept afterwards as if all the pent up stress left me. I cannot recommend it enough :) xxx

Thanks for that. We've thrown so much money at IVF anyway that a couple of hundred more to help with the stress doesn't feel too bad! I'll get myself booked in x

Thats exactly how I felt, I thought I will just give it everything I've got!! Good luck xx

I tried acupuncture with second cycle. I didn't mind the needles but it kind of brought up lots of emotions that I then felt I just got left with. For example, the lady would say this needle will work on your heart and I could really feel the heat in that area and then I'd start to cry. I'd end up crying in my car after the treatment. I got used to the special tea I had to drink. Unfortunately, it was the only cycle that I got a bfn (as have not tested yet - 4 cycle). I'm not sure if it was too much/powerful for me. I don't know.

It's all such a personal journey. Give it a go and see how you get on.

Good luck xx

I did it for my second cycle and felt much better that time. The first cycle I had terrible insomnia from the Buserelin but the time I had acupuncture I hardly had ny side effects. Could have been coincidence though and I did also change my diet to pretty much cut out gluten and sugar so that would've made a difference too. That cycle I also got quite a few more eggs collected and better fertilisation rate which is worth it when you're in your late 30s!

To be honest though, I didn't enjoy it and definitely didn't find it relaxing but I always think anything like that is worth a try.

If you do it ideally you would start before you start the drugs. I meant to do it for this round but just struggled to fit it in as I only have one night a week where I finish work before 7pm so difficult to do.

Good luck with it x

Lamorna80 in reply to Cazo

Thanks for your input, I'll go in to it with an open mind & a realisation that it might not be for me x

I've been having it and while I can't report success in relation to ivf - I didn't do it on fresh transfer which was unsuccessful- but have been since in prep for FET. I find it really really relaxing if nothing else. Worth a try to see if it works for you. Good luck with your treatment xx

I have been having acupuncture since I found out I have PCOS, I try and go once a fortnight but it can get costly...

I have recently had our referral and hoping to get the ball rolling ASAP. I will be continuing with acupuncture... it does relax me, and although I'm not pregnant yet, I feel like a weight off my shoulders by having it... Good luck!!

Lamorna80 in reply to Pip89

Thank you. I am going to go for it even if it is just for the relaxing/de-stressing benefits. I found the process more stressful than I'd anticipated last time so am definitely going to look after myself better :)

Good luck with your journey xx

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