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Confused after BFN

So in September we had two embryos transferred. Unfortunately I started bleeding the day before I was due to test. I tested anyway and got my BFN. That was six weeks ago.

I'm due to have my follow up appointment next week, but I haven't had my period yet. Instead I've been spotting and it's brown in colour. It's very slight and barely noticeable. Is this the start of my period? Is this an actual period? I'm really confused. Has anyone else had this?

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Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear about you bfn. They suck don't they! When I had a failed IUI cycle back in may my periods for that month because a bit messed up. I actually missed all of Mays period and even the one after that as light. I think it takes a while to get things back on track. I found that drinking fresh ginger tea helped me regulate my period. I cut some fresh ginger and added it to a pan to boil with water and added a tea bag and some milk and drank that. Hope your next appointment goes well xx


wow. that sounds so sad! I must also deal with infertility, but due to abortions. My ex husband convinced me to go for abortion and this is what I got. Now we are in search for ways to have a kid, considering surrogacy but not really sure yet.


oh my... bfn.. this is very upsetting.. I am sure that there is still hope and chances of you having a child are high but for now, I can imagine how you feel.

as for me I will only be starting consulting with clinics on my situation, because it feel like a dead end - amh is the lowest ever, us scan shows practically nothing, here in us ivf costs a lot... I can't compare my situation to yours.. and I feel so bad for you... i surely want to get bfp right away but I am almost sure that that is impossible

honey, hope that that follow up appt gpes well


Hi lisaboyle36. This is all probably just down to your hormones reverting back to your normal levels. It is frustrating, but unfortunately happens in lots of cases. I do hope all soon settles down and that you get some positive feedback at your consultation next week. Thinking of you. Diane


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