Got my date for my base line scan :)

Hooray finally got my start date 😊

Got the call today have my baseline scan on 18th July and start my injections that day too,

Got my nurse appointment on 3rd July,

Got to start my pill on the 2nd day of my June period, all going well, I will have base line on 18th July then scan 26/28th July, EC 31st then 3-6 days ET

Just need June's period to play ball,

Just happy to have been given the dates,

Praying and hoping this will my 2nd time lucky πŸ€

Wishing everyone else good luck on/with there journey πŸ€β­οΈπŸ€


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  • How exciting! Your dates are likely to be similar to mine. I've got my nurse appointment next week...AF isn't due until end of June though. Wishing you lots of luck πŸ€žπŸ€

  • Thank you mine is due 14th,

    It is exciting and starting to feel real :-) is this your first cycle ?

    Have you got to go on the pill?

    Keep me posted on your appointment xx πŸ€β­οΈπŸ€

  • This is indeed my first cycle...I'm both nervous and excited at the same time πŸ˜† You must be about a week ahead of me (AF due 22nd-think I start on the pill then), so I'll be pre-preparing by keeping up to date with your posts πŸ€“ I've got all my meds, but have no idea what happens and when. I'm guessing the nurse will tell me next week 🀞 x x

  • I haven't got my meds yet, I'm guessing I'll get them on my appointment on the 3rd July,

    Yes they will do, mine telephone me and went through dates but is writing it all in a letter, then on the 3rd I've got to have blood test for hiv and hepatitis and sign the final bit of paperwork, and then go over how to do the injections, I know I've got 2 a day. :-(

    Yes it's exciting and stressed and nerve wrecking, but this time round im more happier than the last.


  • It's amazing how much the prep stages vary from county to county. You're in Kent aren't you? I'm in London-not a million miles from you, and yet these early days in the process are very different...I've had the blood tests and the meds, but have no idea what I take and when, or when my appointment dates for scans etc. will be πŸ˜‚ X x

  • Yes I'm in kent,

    They read it all out to me yesterday I got in earlier letter and more forms in the post,

    I've already had blood test for hiv and hepatitis but because of my opp and delays in the rubella they've gone over 6 months so got to have them all again xx

  • Oh I see! That's a shame, but great that it's all moving along swiftly now x x

  • Yep I've prob had this twice in the last 18 months. But yes moving a long nicely just need period to play ball :-) xx

  • All the best Leesalou 😊

    Hope it's second time lucky for you.


  • Thank you Lucylu xx