6dp5dt am I out? Pinkish cm/ browny spotting

So after having pulling tugging cramping feelings and the odd "bubble popping sensation" in my uterus over the past few days, today I have some pinkish/brownish spotting. We've had a busy weekend so maybe I've overdone it a bit. Am I out? Is it af? I'm petrified to test and got very upset when I told dh earlier. He's still saying we're not out. My otd is next Wednesday.

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  • Pinkish brownish spotting is definitely okay. Could just be implantation bleeding. Don't panic yet xx

  • I hope so but I don't feel different to the bfn months. Hard to stay positive isn't it!

  • Very but you def still have a chance. The bit I hated the most was dreading going to the toilet! ! It was awful you just want to know. Good luck xx

  • So true I've promised dh I won't test early. So yes totally get what you mean about dreading going to the toilet just incase 😑

  • I feel your pain. I've thought I had just started my AF but got a clear white jelly type discharge. Anyone know what this means? Xxx

  • Sorry not sure about the clear cm I'm thinking it can't be a bad sign so mine is clear with tiny bit red streak (sorry tmi) and only when I wipe. I don't feel pregnant (have a dd and knew I was pregnant with her before testing)

  • Hey Hun. You will be fine. As long as it's not heavy bleeding. I know it's hard not to worry which is perfectly normal. Wishing you all the best for a BFP. Baby dust to you. Xx

  • I had similar symptoms at this point when I got my bfp. I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms until I was 5 weeks. Fingers crossed. X

  • I woke up this morning to so usual cyclogest and I'm bleeding bright red. I'm out! Completely devastated. My test date was meant to be this Wednesday. Not tested yet but I'm sure of it. Dh had already gone to work. Feeling awful.

  • So sorry to hear this. Look after yourself xxx ❤️

  • Phone your clinic sweets, mine were great when I was stressing out, they might just up your progesterone. Fingers crossed xx

  • Thanks for the reply but unfortunately the bleeding is so heavy it's literally gushing out. Waiting for a prescription for drugs to control the bleeding. So devastated. Good luck girls x

  • Hope your feeling ok Hun with all that bleeding 😔 If it's extremely heavy like that maybe A&E be a good option xx

  • Thank you for asking I'm feeling better now my consultant prescribed some medications for me which have helped. I'm meeting him in a bit to discuss.

  • So sorry darling. Please look after yourself x

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