I caved and tested...BFN 6DP5DT

So I caved I thought just maybe it maybe....

Kept reading all these stories where ladies got a positive at this stage and considering it was perfect blasts I just thought that maybe.

I used a digital clear blue and there those words were NOT PREGNANT.

Maybe it's too early, maybe it wasn't the 1st wee of the day, maybe it wasn't a first response....

So maybe I will.not let it faze me and test on test day I guess. Not holding out much hope though.

Plan B kicks into place now our last remaining frozen and then whatever the outcome will be our journey finished at some point I have to realise that I can't keep chasing the goal post.

Good luck ladies xx

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  • Definitely don't lose hope I think 6 days past transfer is probably too early to get a positive, they must give us this 2 week wait so we get the most accurate result- keep positive and test on test day and fingers crossed you get a BFP xx

  • Hi Tamtam, I'm sure it's too early to test to show on a home pregnancy test so all is not lost!! You've maybe seen this site before but it's pretty good to let you see what to expect after transfer calendar wise!!


    Fingers crossed!xx

  • Don't lose hope yet, hopefully it was just to early πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • Don't lose heart i think its too early - i used the bubbles and bumps chart to watch progress. The site seems to be in maintenance mode tonight but im sure it was 9 days after transfer it said the levels would be enough. Look out faint my line was this morning at day 10. Ive ordered first response tests to retest and double triple check my result! Xx

  • Def too early to be testing with a clearblue digital. Fingers crossed for you in the coming week. Don't loose hope yet, still along way to go. With my 1st cycle I didn't get a positive on a clearblue digital till 9dp5dt. Sending lots of luck and baby dust your way xx

  • Don't lose hope just yet please, I know it's safe to do so just to guard your heart but do leave a glimpse of hope on a positive result for next week. I will be hoping for a positive for you as well xxx

  • CB Digital are only sensitive to 50iu or whatever the measurement is so please please please ignore for now, carry on looking after yourself Tam and keep busy. Will be thinking of you xxxx

  • Sorry to hear this but I really hope it is just too early. Fingers crossed for you! xx

  • Hi tamtam don't give up yet and use first response. Good luck xxx

  • Hi Ladies

    You would think I have been through this enough to know this.... this is after all my 5th go.

    I don't know ow what I was thinking no more testing u till the 6 which is uncanny as that was the last test date which came up positive but we ended up losing him :(

  • Hi Tamtam I really hope, and am sure it's still too early. Don't beat yourself up though, I've been there myself despite having been through it numerous times. I think anyone who isn't tempted to test early is a saint! Everyone is different so don't lose hope just yet, so much luck, you deserve it xx

  • Hi TamTam, fingers crossed it was too early....safest to wait. Wishing you all the luck in the world for a positive outcome! xx

  • It's probably too early. Try to hold out until OTD. I really hope it's a BFP.

  • Hi Hun, it's far too early. HCG levels will be too low to detect as your embryos are just finishing implanting.

    Good luck and leave it a few more days...

  • Oh Tamtam it's still very early for a CB digital test... like way too early so please don't be disheartened at this stage. Try to hold out until OTD and definitely get an FRER. Sending love x x x

  • Clearblue are not as sensitive Hun a first response one would be better this early X you are definitely not out yet xx wishing you all the luck in the world ❀️

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