9dp5dT Transfer BFN am I out :(

So I stupidly tested 9dp5dT we had a really good quality 5AA blast :( everything seemed perfect. I had a negative test and I feel devastated. My official test day is 14dp5t but I've seen so many posts where women have had their BFP as early as 6dp5dt ! So I know I'm probably out of the game now. I've cried most of the morning :( ... I just feel so sad I don't know how I can pick myself up from here. I never anticipated how hard this process was! Has anyone had a bfn from 9dpt and gone on to have a BFP ! Xxxx

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  • I've never tested early but I've seen some test early with a bfn and then go onto have a bfp. One lady on here tested a day early and it was bfn but the next day (on her otd) she got her bfp. If this round has failed do you have a backup plan? Do you have the means for another round or embryos in storage? Whatever happens on your otd you will cope and you will pick yourself up and begin to fight again. Trust me. Good luck for your official test date πŸ€ 🀞 x

  • Thank you for the reply. I've been driving myself insane. I just can't seem to shit this sadness! I know it was my first attempt but because everything seemed perfect I had literally put all my eggs in one basket... we have 2 frozen embabies a 5bb and a 4bb so not bad ... hoping we can proceed with FET ... It's another 4 days till official test day but all my symptoms have seemed to disappeared! I'm hoping I just tested a little to early, but I was hoping for a faint BFP! I know my journey is only just beginning I was so optimistic but now I feel like the wind has just been taken out of me xxx

  • Shift not shit πŸ™ˆ

  • I knew what you meant πŸ‘πŸ» On our first round we had a hatching top grade blastocyst transferred. Everything had gone like clockwork, we used the embryo glue, lining was perfect but it failed to implant. Our fet, although a good grade blastocyst, was not as perfect as the first but implanted. If it doesn't work you just have to believe that there was a reason why it didn't, even if we'll never know that reason xx

  • My lining was quite thin on day of transferred it was only 7mm but they didn't seem to bothered ! It was only when I got home I reaslised it should have been within 8-10 !! I was quite annoyed but I was given estridol to thicken it ! I feel like they failed to notice on egg collection and my thin lining could have been prevented... it was too late then the embryo was already implanted ! Next time though i know and il be a lot more thorough with my questioning ! Xx

  • If this doesn't work (and remember you're not out until you're out) then I wish you much luck for your fet πŸ€ xx

  • I have the worlds worst migraine today ! I'm evening hoping that's a sign πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ thanks for your support !!! Xxxxxx

  • Easier said the Done I know.... it's a tough old journey to say the least..... hope all works out and stay positive, you've done to get this far. Wishing you all the very best

  • Hey it could definitely be too early. As tugsgirl said there have been people who have tested early and for a bfn and on official test day got a bfp.

    I've been through icsi twice and tested early both times and it's something I regret. When I go through my 3rd round I'll only test on official test day.

    I know it's really hard and it's an individual choice but I felt I tortured myself more testing early.

    It's great you have some frozen embryos for back up also. I know it's devastating if the result is bfn but bare in mind some people sadly don't have any embryos to freeze so it really is a bonus! 😊

    Good luck for official test day and if you can try and refrain from testing again until then (easier said than done I know) lol xxx

  • Thank you for messaging ! Yeah I'm gutted I've tested early I could have just enjoyed thinking I might have been pregnant... the problem is my sister is pregnant and her 12 weeks scan and pregnancy announcement is the same day as my OTD... I thought I'd try and let myself down gently over the weekend... I don't think I could cope Wednesday whilst she was announcing to the family whilst I found out mine failed. It's been so difficult! Plus everyone keeps saying to me you need to hurry up and have another baby, they just don't understand... I'm praying for miracle for Wednesday but like you said I do have X2 embryos which aren't bad quality ! Just praying one day Il get my BFP xxxxx

  • Yeah it's very hard. It's a horrible situation to be in.

    An interesting thing I read about IVF which I never really thought about before was that one shot at IVF is the same as a healthy couple trying naturally the first month if that makes sense?

    And it can take a few months to fall pregnant naturally so makes sense why it can also take a few times at IVF.

    It gave me some reassurance I think because after 2 failed IVF (chemical pregnancy) it was nice to read and think well yeah this still could work!

    I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday and praying for your BFP πŸ€ πŸ™ 🌈 xxx

  • Thank you lovely ! I have a son from a previous relationship so that reassures me... I just feel so sad for my partner, he's a fantastic stepdad and we just want to complete our family... I'm just having my down day! I've been quite strong through it and I've just crumbled these last two days ! We'l get there 😘 I'm glad I've found this support group ! I think it will really help ... here's to future BFPS !!!πŸ€β€

  • This group is amazing! It's nice to speak to people who've be through the same and understand 😊

    Keep me updated, keeping everything crossed for Wednesday for you xxx

  • Thank you lovely ! πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ€ xxxxx

  • Hey I'm in a similar situation. My test day is tomorrow morning and these past 2 weeks have been pure hell.

    My nurses did advise me to not over test. She said if my test in the morning is positive, don't re test in the afternoon purely because it's veerryyy early days and the hormone levels could have dropped during the day (first morning tests are more concentrated)

    So you never know, you could have just tested far too early. Fingers crossed for you! Hope we both get our BFP xxx

  • Thank you Lynsey ! I wiped and there was brown dishcharge this morning sorry TMI think I'm out this time :( thanks for all your support xxxxx

  • I think this is a tad too early. Give it a few days as the hcg levels might not be high enough yet xxx

  • Find Sprinkles86 post.,. She tested just one day early and it was a BFN... then BFP on OTD. Keep strong... how you doing today? x

  • Don't give up yet, it's not over until it's over!! The only time I have ever been pregnant, I tested on 13DPO & it was negative but the following morning it was positive!

    Keep positive if you can & good luck xx

  • I had a small bit of brown discharge this morning I definetly think AF is on its way ! Thank you for giving me hope though congratulations on your BFP !! Xxxxx

  • Unfortunately mine turned out to be ectopic but thank you 😘

    Going to keep my fingers crossed for you xxxxx

  • Aw I'm so sorry lovely ! I've started spotting this morning so think my time is up this cycle ... all the best to you ❀ it's such a difficult time xxxxx

  • Thank you 😘 How are you doing? Did the spotting continue? Xxxx

  • I'm sorry, just read that it did continue. I hope you are doing ok xxxxx

  • Hi, My clininic told me to test on on day 11, I caved in and tested on day 9 got a bfn. On day 11 (yesterday) I tested but wasn't expecting a positive outcome. The test was positive, I tested again this morning just to check. Don't give up hope just yet. Wishing you the best of the luck.

  • Congrats wow

  • There have been two on here just this week. I'm sure it's so hard but try to wait and test again on OTD. Xx

  • Thank you every one for your support ' I started light spotting this morning so I definetly think I'm out this time ... thank you ladies, I've got my two Frosties so I'm praying that il have my chance with those ❀ thanks for all the support xxxxx

  • ICSIBaby86 I wanted you to know, my friend had a bit of blood and brown discharge on day 9 which was actually her implantation bleed she went on to test on her OTD and got a BFP she is now due in 4 wks so please don't give up hope there is a reason they give you a otd and that because some of us don't pick up the pregnancy hormones at such an early stage, and yuh could be one of them. I will keep everything crossed for you for weds lovely xxx

  • Thank you ! That's given me some hope... I'm struggling to stay positive! Tomorrow would be my period, It usually starts like this. I'm praying I'm one of those stories where it's just old implantation bleeding 🀞🏼 xxxxxx

  • ICSIBaby86 my test date is tomorrow and I also started spotting yesterday but today it turned to light flow with bad cramps so I think I'm out this cycle. Hoping your FET has better luck!!πŸ€πŸ€

  • :( I'm so sorry, I think that's the case for me too, in a way I wish it would just come so I could get it over and done with :( I'm still holding out hope which is worse when deep down I know it's the end ... thinking of you xxxxx

  • Holding my breathe for you- not over til it's over!!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»

  • Same for you too β€πŸ€

  • Hi, don't give up just yet, you still have till test day. I know its hard but try and stay positive. Don't stress yourself out, take it easy xx

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