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Short protocol injections

Hey all,

So I have a question because I can't wait until Thursday when I'm due to go to hospital and start my injections. I'm feeling so excited/nervous now it's just like I want to know everything lol.

What time are injections taken? Are you able to choose a time that best suits you or is there usually a specific time given to you by your clinic?

Any info would be great.

Thanks x

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I have no idea and am on the long protocol starting next month but I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one who physically can't wait one day to have my questions answered - I was starting to feel like a crazy person!! X


Hi Amanda

Our hospital said you have to do them in the evening but didn't say a time. We did them at 8.30, so after we had had our tea and got tidied up so we weren't rushing around. Good luck xx

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Thank you 😊 night time would suit better so I'd be happy with that.

Good luck BabyD xxx


Mine we always 8pm, I think they recommended this time and it made it easy to get home from work, have tea etc then jab and settle for the night! Hope Thursday goes well x x x


Thanks for your reply mommabear. I work 12.5 hour shifts so I either work 7-730 or 8-830. I'm hoping I might be able to take injections at 9.30pm as this would give me time to get home and settled from 8.30 finish shifts. If not I will just have to work around it somehow 😊

Thank you. I can't believe how quick it's come around! Xxx


At one stage I had to do one in the morning, cetrotide and one in the evening, menopur.

My clinic have always said night ones inbetween the hours of 1800-2000 and roughly at the same time and the morning one it didn't matter what time, but it had to be at the same time everyday, but every clinic is slightly different.


Thanks Hollibob.

Hopefully the clinic will agree to me taking it slightly later but if not guess I will be taking a few injections while working! 😐 eek lol xxx


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